Reflection Essay on `Tuesdays with Morrie` by Mitch Albom

ReflectionEssay on ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ by Mitch Albom

Reflectionon ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ by Mitch Albom

Iwas reluctant at first when I was told I had to read the book‘Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. I found the first few pagesquite boring because I was not interested in the book. However, a fewpages turned into chapters and I started to find the book a littlebit interesting. As I started to understand what the book was allabout, I found that I could not put it down. The book has a lot oflessons that are so helpful in life. Mitch learnt a lot of thingsfrom Morrie that he felt like he needed to share with the rest of theworld. This book is so interesting but at the same time it is sadbecause Morrie is in his last stages of ALS and almost dying (Albom,2002). I was able to like the book so much that I looked for themovie version of the book on YouTube to get a better understanding ofthe lessons that Mitch is trying to share with the readers. Throughthe conversations of Mitch Albom and his former sociology professorMorrie Schwartz, I was able to learn that wisdom is acquired in alifelong process and once it is learnt, it can transform anindividual entirely.

Morriehad been the sociology professor of Mitch sixteen years before theirmeetings but they still manage to maintain an intimate connection asa professor and a student. These two men are able to hold veryinformative meetings on the precious Tuesdays (Albom, 2002). Theywere able to connect during the meetings such that it felt like theyhad never been apart. Morrie trusted Mitch so much that he was ableto tell him about the death of his mother. He regretted the fact thathis mother died because he pretended not to hear her ask for hermedication. Intimacy and touch is also seen in this book when Morriementions that he has a woman in his life. His wife sings to him andhe is touched to the point of crying. Morrie and Mitch were also ableto discuss issues about marriage (Albom, 2002). Mitch talks about hiswife Janine who talks with Morrie on phone as if they know each otheralready. From this conversation, we are able to find out that Morrieis deprived of physical affection. He had been deprived of physicalaffection as a child and feels like he is slowly moving back to beinga child because of the metamorphosis he is experiencing because ofhis ALS (Albom, 2002). He says that physical affection is necessaryfor all stages of life starting from childhood to adulthood and alsoin the elderly ages that he is now in. he is deeply saddened by thesociety’s views that physical affection should only be availablefor children as it is a form of nurturing (Kavanagh, 2011). Morrietalks about the society and how it has promised people happiness inthe material things when the truth is love is what will bring themtrue happiness. He feels that people should not embrace the materialthings when they can find true love in love and affection (Albom,2002).

Fromthis book, I was able to learn that knowledge and wisdom is earned ina lifelong process but when it has been learnt, it can change thelife of an individual entirely (Kavanagh, 2011). From the manylessons that Morrie is able to teach Mitch, one can see that he isvery wise and has been able to learn a lot of new things from hislife experiences.


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