Recycling and Being Green


Recyclingand Being Green

Recyclingand Being Green

Hotels,motels and resorts implement aggressive recycling programs because ofboth operational and environmental factors. One of the factors is theneed to promote corporate image in the public sight. As part of thecorporate social responsibility, hospitality institutions likeresorts start recycling programs that target to reduce the use ofdestructive materials (Chen et al, 2013). By starting aggressiverecycling, the corporate image of the organizations is improved andthey gain preference from the society. In addition, hospitalityorganizations resort to recycling as a way of conserving theenvironment. As legal persons, corporate bodies like hotels, motelsand resorts have a responsibility to use less destructive materialslike plastics by recycling.

Anothermain factor that would significantly consider when recycling is costreduction. The need for reducing the cost of production or the costof operations may inform the use of recycling as a strategy of costmanagement. According to Hall (2004), recycling is used as a way ofmanaging the costs of the materials that can be recycled. This isbecause the cost of recycling is lower than the cost of using newmaterials.

Theconcept of being green is the new way of promoting cost managementand preserving the environment while pursuing organizationalinterests. For a resort, a motel or a hotel, being green is aphilosophy that can be used to promote the organization in the publicand market it as a green conscious institution. The reason for thisthinking is because modern organizations are working towards helpingenvironmentalists preserve the environment (Chen et al, 2013). Inaddition, governments appreciate and partnering with corporate bodiesthat seek to conserve the environment. Therefore, “being green”is a positive and a modern concept that should be embraced.


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