Rape in the field




is a documentary film about undocumented immigrantWomen working in the American fields. They are victims of rape asthey have to do it to keep a living in this native country.Co-workers and supervise take advantage of them and threatening todeport or lay them off in case they air out this sexual harassment.Maricruiz Ladino, Daniela Baraja and Olivia Tamayo are just but a fewof the women who vividly tell of their sexual harassment and nocriminal justice is presented against the perpetrators (Mackinnon53-57).


Gender refers to that what distinguishes one from being male orfemale. focuses on female sexual harassment by theforemen and co-workers. The supervisors use their power to abuse andmistreat ladies. They are seen as weak defenseless objects who at theend of the day must keep their work to cater for their expenses.Maricruiz feared to speak out her tragedy with the supervisor whoassaulted her sexually far from people so that she cannot lose herjob as she had daughters who looked at her. From the text she says“if I say anything I would lose my job” (Rothman 121) Womenregarded the farm as “panties field” as this was the only placethey could get work, keep their job and get promotion (page 89). Allthis will come after they accept to give in to foremen else getdeported. After Maricruiz decides that it is enough of harassment andair out her case in the court, she receives a check of jobtermination. To add on this, the women also referred the field as“green motel” as is the only place they could have sex withhiring supervisors in order to be employed. Women are seen to have noother alternative to earn a living and thus the officials take themfor granted. Despite trying to defend herself in the field, thesupervisor still manages to defile her as she is powerless anddefenseless. They are perceived to be inferior as most of them cannotspeak English, don’t know that laws against sexual harassmentexists nor are aware they can report rape cases to higher authoritiesand the perpetrators charged with criminal offence.


The film clearly portrays women sexuality and discrimination onsexual grounds. A woman claims that she was tired of having sex inthe field. This is a clear indication that some had made it part oftheir daily routine in work. Rene Rodriguez claims that he had sexwith Olivia Tamayo thrice a week and their relationship was formalbut the truth was that he had raped her three times in the fields(Mackinnon 77-79). A young 18 year old girl leaves the warehousecrying after being sexually harassed. In another occasion, whenAngela Mendoza brings her 15 year old daughter Jacqueline to work,Juan Marin the supervisor asks “where have been hiding such apretty girl all this time?” (pg 101). The supervisors felt womenwere weak and therefore exploited them sexually to fulfill theirsexual desires.

Personal Analysis

Women play a great role in any given society. Rape is wrong andsexual harassment is a long gone story. Like Bill Tamayo and LowellBergman, perpetrators should be arrested and brought to justice.Women rights to work should be properly outlined and they should beeducated of laws that govern their rights. Victims of rape should notbe deported back to their countries but rather they should beretained in order to provide evidence against the perpetrators. Womenneed not to fear airing out their mistreatments as by doing this theywould be encouraging continuation of men sexual harassment (Rothman112). To sum up, minors should not be allowed to work in fields asthis is against the law. People should also not accept to work underslavery conditions.


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