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Healthcareadministrators play an important role in the modern health careindustry. This has resulted into increased demand for trained healthcare administrators. In the past, the health care industry dependedon administrators from other sectors. In the modern time,administrators are specifically trained from their responsibilitiesin the health care system. They play an important role in the highlydynamic health care system. Top ranking executive administrators inthe health care sector have the responsibility of creating policiesand providing direction in the industry. Although i will start mycareer at a lower level, I will play an important in the humanresource department or operations department in a major health carefacility. This will involve liaising with the management in thecoordination of different department and implementation of differentpolicies and projects in the facility. The knowledge and skills inmanagement and varies aspects affecting the modern health care systemwill be essential in the achievement of individual and institutionalgoals. In future, I intend to further my studies in health careadministration. This will enable me join the high level executiveswho play a critical decision making role in the industry.


Thereare several professional organizations that are likely to benefit mycareer in the health care industry. This includes and not limited toAmerican College of Healthcare Executives, California HealthCareFoundation, California HealthCare Foundation

Ihave plans to join some of the organization since I believe they willhave significant impacts on my career. Although I have not made afinal decision on which organizations I will join, at least I willjoin the American College of Health Care Executives. It is myconviction that the organization will enable me glow my career as ahealth care executive. The organization has a huge membership andprovides training and published materials to enable its members’progress in their career.

Thevalue of an organization to my career will be determined by a varietyof factors. The professionals who subscribe to the organizations arevery important. An organization whose are health care administratorsand executive will be more beneficial. There is security in numbers.Therefore, more benefits will be accrued form an organization withmore members and more resources. In choosing a professionalorganization, I will consider these factors.


Thearticle “Review Ten 10-Year Trends for theFuture of Healthcare: Implications for Academic Health Centers”identifies the perceived decline in the patient care value andreduced direct payments as the greatest threats to academic healthcenters in the country. However, it identified ten trends in thefuture of the healthcare that will have important impacts on theAcademic Health Centers. This includes “1) more patients, 2) moretechnology, 3) more information, 4) the patient as the ultimateconsumer, 5) development of a different delivery model, 6) innovationdriven by competition, 7) increasing costs, 8) increasing numbers ofuninsured, 9) less pay for providers, and 10) the continued need fora new healthcare system” (Garson &amp Levin, 2001). It is my viewthat the increased cost of medical care will be one of the biggestchallenges that will face Academic Health Centers. Considering theimportant role of Academic Health Centers in the health care sector,the anticipated increase in cases of terminal diseases and resultantincrease in the cost will have huge impacts. Although phenomenontechnologies are expected to increase accessibility and effectivenessof the health care system, the escalating cost will be a majorchallenge in the near future (Garson &amp Levin, 2001).


Garson,Jr, A. &amp Levin, S. A. (2001).”Ten 10-Year Trends for the Futureof Healthcare: Implications for Academic Health Centers”, OchsnerJournal 3(1): 10–15.