Psychological Testing and Assessment

PsychologicalTesting and Assessment

Psychologicalassessment is a testing procedure that utilizes a combination ofseveral techniques aimed at arriving at a conclusion often referredto as a hypothesis. This hypothesis gives certain traits of theperson such as personality, behavior and his capabilities, amongothers. Psychological assessment ought not to be performed in avacuum, as the individual ought to undergo a full medical examinationfor purposes of ruling out any possibilities of a disease that mightbe the cause of the individual’s symptoms (Boyle, 2012). It ishighly advisable that the medical examination be done first to reducechances of the psychological test being moot.

Irecently participated in a Clinical Interview with the help of aclinical social worker, and it lasted for 2 hours. This “diagnosticinterview” was aimed at gathering important family data andbackground about our patient. It was an information-gatheringsession, where the worker asked a myriad of questions and the patienthad to recall a lot about his past life in order to answer thequestions. Some of the questions based on demographic informationwere conducted via a series of questions on a computer system in theclinician’s office.

Someof the various insights that I gained from using the variousinstruments and strategies are

  • Through testing, a lot of information can be gathered in a relatively short period.

  • Despite the testing procedure being tedious and impersonal, it is a very efficient and objective manner of gathering information.

  • Psychological assessment is also very cost efficient and very accurate as compared to other methods.

Thekind of knowledge gained when using the various instruments andstrategies can be applied in future in that, it will make it easy foran individual to conduct such tests and in a manner that can producequick and accurate results for the client.


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