Psychological Testing and Assessment (Smart Testing) Number

PsychologicalTesting and Assessment (Smart Testing)


PsychologicalTesting and Assessment (Smart Testing)

SmartTestingrefers to testing the level of intelligence quotient in people.Different people have different brain thinking capability. Peoplecannot have the same thinking capacity that’s why there is avariation. Psychologists and psychiatrists have come up with variousways to measure people’s levels of intelligence (Craighead,2004).Smart testing is applied in different places as it will be seen inthis paper.


SmartTesting is normally done by measuring people’s intelligence wherebya high intelligence quotient level means that one is very smart and arecording of low intelligence quotient means you are not as smart.Being smart refers to the ability to do some things that you areaware of, as well as having ideas of how to face challengingsituations at different times being able to comprehend thingsquickly without too much strain (Craighead,2004).

SmartTesting can be used in many places such as in organizations andinstitutions where various projects are carried out at the same time,and a smart person with good smart testing recording is the one morelikely to give quality and fast work delivery. It is significant forSmartTestingto take place in the process of setting goals and objectives of acompany (Thierauf,2003).For an organization to be effective and efficient a smart group ofpeople should be selected so that they can carry out their activitieseasily.

Inschools, smart testing is used when it comes to testing theintelligence capability of students in class. They are able todiagnose students understanding (Snowman,2012) and know how to treat them. The testing has enabled thepsychologists to identify people with either low or high IQlevels. By doing this, the teachers are able to know which studentsthey are to focus more on when they are teaching (Snowman,2012).

Inconclusion, SmartTestingin a modern society has helped people to handle other peopledifferently and understand how they behave. Additionally, the testinghas led to adoption of different approaches to educate individualswith low levels of IQ. They’ve come up with different approachestowards brain capacity of different individuals this in turn hashelped in the forward moving of society since organizations haveknown where to place different people.


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