Proposal for Funding


Proposalfor Funding

Proposalfor Funding

To:The Internal Revenue Service

Cc:The United States Department for Veteran Affairs


Requestfor Grant Proposal to have my Taxes Paid


Thisproposal aim to demonstrate to the Internal Revenue service that Ideserve to have my taxes paid back. Since the Vietnam War it has beena long journey towards recovery. I must thank the sincere efforts ofthe government of ensuring that I get the best psychosocial support. Coping with the rest of the society after years of active combat isboth an emotional and painstaking experience. These words do not aimto regret anything since I was serving my beloved country. Indeed Ikept my faith to the constitution and to the words of theCommander-in-chief.

Iam now very old and need support from all the directions one canthink about. The support I am seeking is definitely not through atransfer payment, but a repay of certain specific taxes that I wasdeducted while I was still in active combat yet I qualified forexempts.

Solutionto the Problem

Thesolution to this problem is a return of the following taxes that Iqualified for exemption:

TheReserve Officers Training It is one of the taxes that werededucted possibly due to record inconsistencies. When I wasdispatched into Vietnam I had enrolled for the ROTC program, which Icompleted later after returning. The deductions included booksmonthly stipends, and tuition assistance, which were supposed to beexempted from tax (Lyons &amp Masland, 2009).


Theexecution of this request will be a great honor for me. Let me assureyou and my fellow countrymen that I am not afraid of my last days. Ianticipate a prompt reply due to the essence of time.


Lyons,G. M., &amp Masland, J. W. (2009). Educationand military leadership: A study of the ROTC.Princeton University Press.