Promoting Dairy Farming in Nigeria


PromotingDairy Farming in Nigeria

PromotingDairy Farming in Nigeria


Dairyfarming records the second best industries in Nigeria that raiseessential for human growth, and they include milk, cheese, icecream, yogurt among others. First, milk is one of the best dietarysources of high protein, vitamins and minerals as well. The dairyfarm industry with the help of Nigerian government has promised keepthe country’s economy at par through boosting the industry byproviding the necessary equipment. The focus is to make a profit,assessing the viability and profitability. Considerations are made onenvironmental factors that would favor dairy animals.

Animalsthat are reared for high milk production need to be fed well andtheir health conditions to influence milk production, however,production costs should be minimized. The firm operations aremonitored by highly trained engineers who ensure that all equipmentwork correctly, and respond to any emergency failure on the machine.A well-established operational set up within dairy industries enhanceeconomic growth for the country at large. The industry createsemployment opportunities for individuals working on the farm and tothose conducting sales as well as promotions of the dairy products inthe market.

Howto start a successful dairy processing industry, including capitallayout and the best production system for a starter

Dairyfarming has emerged as one of the most popular industries thatgenerate revenue in Nigeria’s economy. However, there are certainessential elements that should be put into consideration. The capitalinvested in the farm will determine production output. Industriesthrough the government support should finance dairy farms with enoughmoney to set up long lasting structures, as well as standardequipment (Rice, 2012). A site is selected that has a favorableenvironment that would support animal adaptability. The farm set musthave the opportunity to add value to the industry through makingconstant milk supply in the market with an aim of making a profit andto be competitive within the dairy industry.

Identifythe source of raw material (milk) for the industry and machinesrequired for the industry.

Awell structure factory set up with advanced equipment and focus onpackaging and marketing strategies will raise Nigeria’s economy.This calls for pre-planned strategies to enhance smooth operation.Nevertheless, the industry should be backed with an advancedtechnological production system that will utilize the scarceresources (milk) to maximize profit. Farms, therefore, are encouragedto invest in keeping indigenous breeds adaptable to the surroundingenvironment and can produce a large quantity of milk. Failure toacquire machines within the farm may lead to distribution failure asa result of milk poor preservation.

Theexpected products from the dairy farm industry

Allthe milking machines should be procured prior, and frequently betested to avoid failures during milking process and productionprocesses. Dairy farm industries produce various products that arehelpful to human life. They include milk, cream, yogurt, ice cream,butter, and cheese. Eating high nutrition diet obtained from dairyfarm products is healthy for human consumption. Every citizen shouldstrive to make dairy an essential of the economical source of food.These products are daily consumable products that should bemaintained in the market to keep dairy farm’s growth.


Maintainingand keeping a team of well-trained engineers within milk plant isvery vital to enhance efficiency, as well as effectiveness in thefarm operations. If the industry does not invest in training andmanagement, the industry may experience plant failure thus leading toineffective work. The team should possess high responsive techniquesto any failure without any delay. A well-developed team thatcomprises of electricians, the support team and engineers are set tomanage the general operation independently, however, be capable ofinter-dependence to work within the plant. The industry should investin building high-skilled personnel through conducting regularrecruitment, which calls for an intense factory management.

Individualsbeing recruited should possess management experiences within thedairy industry. In spite of the skills engineers have, they have tobe trained for the job assigned. The industry, therefore, arerequired to employ management approaches that aims at increasing theprofit through minimizing cost related expenses, minimizing assetsper production unit to reduce fixed costs in the farm, and to conductmilk promotion to increase revenue. The focus within farm operationshould be on maximizing profit.

Economicvalues and market potentials values (show profitability)

Dueto the tremendous volatility that dairy farms face in the industry,profitability has emerged to be the great concern. There has beenprice volatility in the market because of fluctuation in theproducts’ prices thereby affecting the income or revenue thecountry gets from sales. However, the nation may incur extra costsfor purchasing feeds thus lowers the economic growth. The farmindustries, therefore, should put more emphasis on marketing theirproducts as well as to make prior procurement on the farm feeds to beused during dry seasons. The management has put more strategiesaiming to cut down all the costs related to production, promotionalactivities, while focusing on making an improvement on productiontechniques to boost farm’s revenue. The feasibility of conducting adairy business should be centered on maintaining economic trendswithin the market.

Eventhough dairy industry puts more emphasis on strategies that wouldimprove their operations within the industry, for the past yearsespecially in 2009, the industry experienced a dire loss that loweredtheir total revenue and capital investment. However, the situationgot stabilized in 2010 where much of the farm products recorded thehighest revenue than before an improvement that should be maintainedto eliminate the financial stress that dairy operations face.

Nutritionalvalue of dairy products

Indeed,the products are rich is calcium, protein, vitamin D, potassium amongothers that provide health value to a human being. Adequate intake ofmilk products is likely to reduce the risk of diabetes. Vitamin D,which is mentioned above as a constituent of milk product helps tomaintain the bone, and may prevent cancer.

Benefitsof dairy industry to the economy

Dairyindustries have contributed to the growth of the economy in variousways within communities, regions and the country especially inNigeria. The dairy farming has provided job opportunities for ruralcommunities as well as generates a monthly income of 300 billionnaira into the economy. The majority of Nigerian citizens haveemployment, working on the dairy farm from the upstream to thedownstream encompassing the input and service providers to those whomarket finished products to the consumers.

Inmost cases, the country has failed to produce enough milk within theindustries since farm operators have not deployed the requiredtechnology that could generate employment and produce quality milkthat would create wealth in the country to stabilize economic growth.If there were farm’s commitment and government free will to supportthe industry through availing raw materials with an aid oftechnological advancement, the country would have experienced agradual growth in the economy through offering job opportunities tothe citizens. Nigeria, therefore, should put more strategies onbuilding dairy farming to boot its economy while offering employmentopportunities for its citizens.

Tipsfor a successful dairy business

Inmost cases, individuals who invest in new dairy farming usually closedown within few months due do inconsideration of certain key tips tobe followed for the farm to be successful. A few of them do stabilizewithin the industry but do not last for long. There are several tipsthat farmer ought to have taken besides the training and otherfarming courses taken. These include the following:

  1. Farmers should assess the breed as well as health status of the cattle when doing purchase.

  2. Regular vaccinations and treatment should be maintained within the farm to avoid technicalities related to health of lactating cattle.

  3. Milking cows should feed on sufficient green fodder and fresh water that are constantly availed.

  4. Setting up the farm requires prior assessment and analysis of soil and the vegetation that will support the growth of green fodder used to feed cattle.

  5. The farm labors who are employed should have the required skills within different departments in farm industries.

  6. The survival of the newborn as well as interbreeding of the indigenous species should be assessed prior.


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