APersonal Reflection of ‘Four Seasons, The Story of a BusinessPhilosophy’

Howthe company’s leadership is different from other hospitalitybusinesses.

‘Ifyou treat people the way you would like to be treated, they will dothe same’ is a golden rule in the Book, FourSeasons A Story of a Business Philosophy. Inhis growing, the author was from a modest family with a background ofconstruction and grew to be big hearted philanthropic and businessperson. Four Seasons as a company, values and focuses on customerethics and especially of personal service.

Thecompany leadership is not centralized like in many other businesses. Additionally, the leadership is not bossy-like but more ofco-workers. Some of the primary principles of the company includethose of, Do unto others what you would like them to do to you. AfterSharp proclaimed this in his Company, most of the executives couldnot stand it and so they quit while others were fired because theycould not put customers above their egos. In this regard, Sharp stoodon his ground and actually acted on it. Unlike other leaders in otherhospitality businesses, sharp as the company leader did not look backor even sympathize with those who left but geared on. Otherhospitality businesses make decisions out of what they think willfavor them as the entrepreneurs, but Four Seasons being Company withgood leadership made a decision of what they stand for, a culturethat promotes genuine hospitality to their guests.

Leadershipthat is always on its toes is also important in a hospitalitybusiness. A selection of the leaders in the Four Seasons Company isbased on great experiences and especially those who are able tocreate new ideas and act on them, more particularly those that are inline with their guests preferences. Full customization in theirleaders’ selection enables the Company to always be a step ahead oftheir competitors.

Howthe Company cares for its internal customers.

FourSeasons believes in promoting from within, the executives and leadershave a working relationship that makes the overall objectives of thecompany to be accomplished. The management does encourage empowermentof the staff and even supports the decisions and ideas that they comeup with. This way the, the employees are made to feel they are a partand parcel of the whole package and their self-esteem is raised aswell.

Theemployees are often rotated in the company departments so as to avoidthe same routines, in the same way the Company’s selection of itsemployees is diverse. Meanwhile, the Company provides continuoustraining and mentoring which in a good way enhances their careers andadvances their knowhow, it also helps maintain the standards of thecompany without destroying the autonomy where the employees have asense of purpose. The Employees in the Company are friendly to eachother and even try to go the extra mile because as much as they workhard and put a lot of effort, they are specially treated andrewarded. For instance they are provided with free meals , travelservices allowances and above all they are not micromanaged.

Generallythe employees are given an opportunity to grow and develop, fair andfriendly treatment and also provided with an excellent workingenvironment.

Howthe Company serves external customers.

Thegoals and mission of Four Seasons are all based on the work they doon behalf of their guests every day. The Company’s corporatemission thus guides everyone in the organization. As a hospitalityindustry, Four Seasons ought to provide exceptional quality ofservices that stands out from the other hospitality businesses. Theirpersonal service and their need to satisfy the needs of theiresteemed customers is what have kept them in business. Four seasonsbelieves in each customer needs for dignity, satisfaction and pride.Service being their primary objective, Four Seasons delivers with anattitude of kindness. The Company has also thrived due to the culturethat it was founded on. Sharp formed the business with an implicitoperating philosophy of the golden rule. He was sure that values werevital in the service culture the golden rule thereby became thecornerstone of the Company’s culture that puts the customers first.

Oneof the many times is when the staff gather to discuss the problemsthat their guests are experiencing they then make decisions that arein favor of the customer. The company treats the customer as a longterm relationship and thus creating a local customer base. This wayof running a business makes the business more guests’ friendly.Likewise what makes Four Seasons a first class choice for any guest,is the focus on service, the employees are not on strict rules andregulations such that they will end up making the guest feeluncomfortable, on the other hand the employees go beyond the norm tomake their guests feel welcome.

Howwill you apply what you have learnt in this book to your professionallife?

Thisbook is an inspiration from the author himself to how he founded andstarted a successful hospitality business. First making a decisionand acting on it is one of the many lessons Sharp demonstrates. Inhis role as the founder, everyone looked up to him and he had to makeevery critical decision as a step to achieving what he ultimatelywanted from leadership decisions to management decisions. Secondly,one has to have a purpose and guiding principles, for instance Sharphad a mission of providing exceptional quality service to his guests,he knew that valuing his customers was key to his success. Thirdly,Sharp believed that whatever you want other to do you, then you mustdo it unto them as well, as such he founded his business on thisculture. This culture is important in any organization because wherethe customers are not treated well then they will be reluctant to goback another time.

Whatis service management?

Servicemanagement can be referred to as the concept that explains thestandards of service that should be offered in a certain setting. Itmaintains a standard of service delivery that is viewed as the tiebreaker. The ultimate goal of service management is to make surethat customers are satisfied and that one forms a long termrelationship with the customers. Service management should always beupdated on the customers’ feedbacks on their service provisionsthis will enable them to know where there are loopholes and how tomanage the same so that they do not affect the organization inbusiness. Service management could be the reason of either anorganization’s success or its failure this is because if theservice is poor then the customers’ ratings would go down makingthe organization to have a bad reputation. However, if the service isexcellent then it will paint a good name on the company. This in anycase makes service management very critical in an organization


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