Professional Career Action plan


  1. Self-Awareness

    1. Professional strengths

      1. Professional qualifications with a bachelor of science in healthcare administration program

      2. Work experience for more than ten years as a medical lab technologist

    2. Personal strengths

      1. strong technical knowledge in healthcare administration,

      2. High level of energy

    3. Professional weaknesses

      1. No exposure on emerging trends in healthcare management

      2. Need more academic qualification to be the best for example a masters in Bsc

    4. Personal weaknesses

      1. Shyness

      2. Too emotional

    5. Write4-5 sentences describing yourself to a potential employer

Havinggone through the Bachelor of Science degree in health careadministration, I am confident that I have the required professionalskills to make it in the field of health care administration. My tenyears work experience as a medical laboratory technology has made meimplement the theoretical and practical skills that I acquired thusperfecting my skills in healthcare. I have strong technical knowledgewhich is crucial for medical lab and healthcare management and highlevels of energy that keep me working for long withstanding all thepressures of work that come with working in the health care sector.

  1. Ideal Next Objective (or position) – based on your self-assessment, where will you go next?

    1. Required competencies

      1. High academic qualifications

      2. Prior work experience

    1. Compensation requirements

      1. Depending on the organization

      2. Depending on the Job title

    2. Company culture

      1. Versatile

      2. Dynamic

    3. Compromises

      1. Emergencies

      2. Saving lives

  1. Gap analysis, plan, and execution – these are skills you already have

    1. Credentials

      1. Bachelor of science in health management

      2. Ten years work experience

    2. Responsibilities

      1. Medical lab technologist

      2. Any other administrative post

    3. Accomplishments (personal and professional)

      1. Working as a medical lab technologist

      2. Acquiring a Bachelor of science in healthcare administration

      3. knowledge and skills in the management of a healthcare facility crucial for an administrator career

    4. Career management gaps (lacking credentials)

      1. Experience as an administrator

      2. Lacking exposure to management ethics and learning the code of ethics

  2. Personal marketing

    1. Resume (include)

    2. Cover letter (include)

    3. Networking – what do you do to network?

      1. Use the internet

      2. Social network with peers and workmates

    4. Interviewing techniques and skills

      1. Confidence

      2. Competency

  3. Periodic career audit

    1. How often will you evaluate career plan?

Afterevery opportunity given to work

    1. What influences or affects career plans

      1. Time constraints

      2. Not being accustomed to career opportunities

Becoming a competent administrator in a dynamic and versatile healthcare center or hospital is my professional goal. I believe that I canbe able to meet my career goal by working as an administrator.Administration will give me the exposure I need to work forhealthcare sectors and put my academic qualifications to practice.After going through a bachelor of science in healthcareadministration program, I believe I will be able to think morecritically and strategically as an administrator. This is because theprogram has equipped me with prerequisite knowledge and skills in themanagement of a healthcare facility. The knowledge and skills givesme confidence in handling the challenges that face the healthcaresystem.

I have had prior work experience as a medical lab technologist andthe ten years work experience have given me enough exposure inhealthcare operations. Working as a medical lab technologist was agood job role but I have always felt that something was missing.Though medical lab technologists work and interact in healthcaredepartments with different people, I feel that this role is limitedto the laboratory and does not give me enough exposure to grow.Medical lab technologists are limited to the lab and can only performroles assigned to them in the lab. Administrators on the other hand,have the whole experience and exposure to all medical departments.Being the interactive and social person that I am, I want to reachout to many people especially in health care and the only way thiscan happen is if I get an opportunity to work as an administrator.

While medical lab technologists and administrators differ, they workin the same health care sector making it easier for me to learn aboutadministration given the opportunity. I am a fast learner and dynamicperson who wants to grow and become more accomplished through workingin various health care sectors. The administration job role will bean opportunity to get more interactive with healthcare departments asI work with different healthcare providers.

As an administrator, I will have to alter low self-confidence andemotional issues to overcome challenges of working in the healthcaresector. Administration will help me build my confidence in very manyways. As I relate with people from various health departmentssometimes having to be answerable to them, shyness will fade away andmy confidence will be strengthened. The experience will also exposeme to many health and medical issues building a strong personality inme and making the emotional part of me fade away. My plans forultimately achieving the professional goals include being accustomedto the career opportunities that are available in healthcaremanagement (Haddock &amp McLean, 2012).

Healthcare management has numerous opportunities to choose from andsince I have made up my mind to focus on administration, my attentionwill be drawn to looking for any open administration opportunities.Constantly updating myself on emerging administration trends inhealth care is another vital part of ultimately achieving myprofessional goals. With more information on this field, I will beable to achieve my professional goals easily. According to Donald(2007), understanding ethical issues and moral principles ofhealthcare is crucial for developing professional ethics. Readingwidely about the code of conducts will help me learn more on how tobecome a professional. Getting interactive with people who arealready working in the administration is another incredible way ofachieving my professional goals.

Professional organizations that look to promote talent andprofessionalism like hospitals, healthcare centre’s,Non-governmental organizations like Red Cross can help me achieve mycareer goals by giving me the opportunity to work for them. Thebenefits that my career action plan outline provides are growth andachievement. I desire to accomplish growth in my career andachievement through giving back to the society. Healthcare is growingat a fast rate requiring talented people who will introduce andmanage the changes taking place effectively (ACHE, 2014). I want tomake significant contributions to healthcare that will help improvethe health of communities and their organizations.


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