PRODUCT purchase dissatisfaction

Productpurchase dissatisfaction

Recently,I ordered a case for my phone from Amazon through a 3rdparty seller. The product was sold with a promise that the case wouldlast at least six months. To my surprise, the phone case did not lastmore than a month. I normally use the phone and the case carefully.

Iwas disappointed because Amazon claims to be the number one companyas far as customer service is concerned. The seller on the siteclaimed a lot, and apparently the case fell short of expectations. Iusually expect phone cases to last longer but never six months. Whenthe promo material on the product page said six months, I wasimpressed. That set my expectations higher.

Ifnot for that claim – which was in big letters – I would set lowerexpectations. The product page completely formed my expectations. Iwish Amazon had placed a more realistic ad for the product. I alsothought that mine was a unique situation, so I decided to check outthe reviews. The reviews were average at best. Unfortunately, no oneelse had mentioned the case wearing off in a month’s time.

Idecided to post a review, and that is when things somehow got better.Although the product failed to meet expectations, the seller did not.He apologized for the entire ordeal. The seller also offered to givea full refund and also send me a new case. Throughout this process,the Amazon support was also helpful. They were with me throughoutuntil the issue was resolved.

Thisexperience taught me a couple of things. The product itself failed tomeet the expectations set by the promo material. Perhaps the sellershould modify the promo material by lowering the life of the case.Then, the seller did fix the issue, and Amazon did its job. The phonecase was definitely a bad product, but Amazon displayed good customerservice.


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