Product Development Flowerchild Apparel

ProductDevelopment: Flowerchild Apparel

ProductDevelopment: Flowerchild Apparel

Flowerchildis a type of apparel that is specifically designed for the newbornsand little girls. Flowerchild Apparel has four major features thatindicate its uniqueness. First, the apparel is made bright in orderto enhance its attractiveness to mothers and children. Secondly, eachunit of Flowerchild Apparel is made up of multiple colors, includingblue, white, orange, yellow, purple, and pink. These colors increasethe smartness of the apparel and ensure that the clothing appeals topeople who are fascinated by different colors. Third, FlowerchildApparel comes in different sizes to accommodate a wide range ofconsumers, especially girls aged between 1 and 10 years. Fourth,Flowerchild Apparel is and of material that is easy to wash. Theincorporation of flowers on Flowerchild makes the apparel unique anddistinguishable from other brands in the market.

Technologicaladvances are likely to facilitate a faster development of FlowerchildApparel brand. This is because technology has given traders anopportunity to increase the presence of their brand in the virtualworld at a reduced cost (Boundless, 2015). For example, the socialmedia sites provide a platform on which the apparel designer caninteract with the target consumers (mothers of children aged between1 day to 10 years) and introduce the new brand of Flowerchild Apparelto them. In addition, the increase in the landscape of shopping,where the number of people shopping online is increasingexponentially, will provide an opportunity to sell FlowerchildApparel to target consumers through virtual interactions.


Threeeffective promotional strategies for Flowerchild Apparel includesocial media marketing and point-of-sale promotion. Social mediamarketing will involve posting of pictures of Flowerchild Apparel onsocial sites (including Twitter and Facebook) and sharing informationabout the brand. Point-of-sale promotion will be applied in theretail shops, where retailers will be issued with posters ofFlowerchild Apparel indicating the key features.


Thepricing system will seek to attract new customers and promote theloyalty of existing ones. New customers will be attracted by givingthem a 25 % discount. The loyalty of the existing customers will beachieved through giving a 20 % discount to second time customers and15 % discount to third time customers. Moreover, all loyal customerswill be given $ 5 worth of gift wrapping.


FlowerchildApparel will be placed using two strategies. First, the company willorganize with the leading TV stations so that the brand will featurein several programs. Secondly, the company will team with firms thatproduce family-oriented films (such as Procter and Gamble) where somecharacters will feature wearing Flowerchild Apparel brand.

Buy-infrom retailers and communication with retailers

Thecompany will buy shares in some of the large retail shops, which willserve as a means of ensuring that these retail stores stockFlowerchild Apparel. However, effective communication with allpotential and active retailers of Flowerchild Apparel will help incollecting the feedback about the response of the consumers andkeeping monitoring growth in demand. Communication will be achievedby visiting retailers and conversing with them face-to-face, butphone calls will also be used occasionally.

Environmentalscan of the competition and consumers

Environmentalscanning enhances one’s understanding of the current state of themarket. Currently, firms operating in the textile industry arecompeting with fashions and colors (Talekar, 2013). Therefore, theproducer of Flowerchild Apparel should anticipate stiff competitionfrom players in the textile sector who will produce similar apparelswith a combination of different colors. This trend has beenencouraged by the changes in the consumer behavior, where manyconsumers are going for clothing with multiple colors.

Possibletest markets

TheU.S. market should be the first test market. The next test marketsshould be in countries with adequate internet coverage (including theU.K. and Canada) since online selling will be a significant channelfor Flowerchild Apparel.

Inconclusion, Flowerchild Apparel can be considered as clothing thatmeets the needs of the contemporary consumers. Therefore, there is ahigh probability that the new brand will succeed in the market.


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