Product Analysis


Marketingchannels have a great impact on product promotion. Good or rightmarketing channels can boost the sales of products, whereas wrongmarketing channels can slow down the sales of products. When anadvertisement is channeled in the wrong direction, it leads towastage of money and time. Therefore, it is appropriate to invest inthe right marketing channels when advertising for products. Thisapplies to the Subaru cars, which have been in the market for quite along time, but they have remained unknown to many people. Accordingto the customer centered views, the Subaru forester has not been wellpublicized.

Magazinesand televisions are the most used and effective methods ofadvertising today. Additionally, the use of email for advertising hasbeen widely used for by sellers. However, email advertisement has nothelped to market the Subaru forest widely in the market with fewpeople having active email addresses and time to go check email foradvertisement. This method has not been effective with the emailrecipients blocking any advertising messages hence, limiting theability of a message reaching to more potential buyers. In addition,the target customers may not get the message due to the filtermessage settings on the mail services (Forneris, 2015). The settingshinder delivery of the advertising message and thus, this mode ofadvertisement has not marketed Subaru forester widely. Emailmarketing of the Subaru forester has not been able to meet the rightpeople at the right time.

Televisionadvertisement has also been used extensively to advertise the car tomany people despite the challenges facing the method. Televisionviewing is a passive and not an active activity. The level ofattention directed to the commercial is minimal with viewersmultitasking and ready to view something that interests them .Themagazine advertisement also used in advertising the Subaru foresterinvolves reading and screening of the content, which is tiresome. Thetwo methods employed in advertisement of the car have not beeneffective due to the timing and interest of the buyers.

The magazine and television method of advertisement were pickedbecause they are the most accessible to most people. Any average homecan afford a television set or a magazine hence, this prompted theadoption of the two methods to advertise the car. Most peopleadmitted to having seen the advertisement on TV and magazine but tookno interest. For example, a farmer rearing chicken will see or readan advertisement on pig feed and take no interest on cars. Theanalysis of the data for Subaru forester advertisement was that 29%claimed to have seen the advertisement, 46% had no interest with theadverts and 25% were not sure. It is notable that a customer willtake keen interest on adverts that he likes and not all adverts willinterest him. Buying of items is influenced by customers interestedin the advertised products. Research has shown that customers takeinterest on the advertisement of a product they want to buy. Themagazine and television were used to advertise the product due to itsavailability as a communication means of advertisement. The printmedia like the magazine are widely read and can be used for futurereference. These two modes of advertisement were adopted to advertiseSubaru forester. However, they had little influence on buyer’sdecision on buying Subaru forester.

Tomarket products effectively the media coverage of the Subaru forestercan be done immediately after news to increase its probability ofreaching many buyers. In addition, merged advertisements of theproduct can receive wide coverage. For example, advertising acrossdifferent mass media, combining television advisement and radio canreach many customers. Marketing strategies such as using celebritiesto market the Subaru forester can create a wide awareness among thebuyers. The online marketing is rapidly becoming the most used meansof advertisement that can be used to attract customers to buy aproduct. The wide web interconnections allow easy converging ofmessages fast and to a wide range of people. Many sellers haveembraced this strategy that is 80% effective as it reaches manybuyers on social networking sites easily.

Thecomplex decision has made the consumer to purchase certain products.The complexities involved need a marketing strategy to influence theconsumer to buy products. For example, buying a car is a complexprocess but through advertisement strategy like the radio and socialmedia, the complexities and fears are reduced. The advertisementundermines these complexities hence, influencing the buyer topurchase the goods easily. This strategic can be employed inadvertisement of cars that are seen by consumers like a complexprocedure. This method has overseen 90% selling of cars successfully.

Thesocial sites used for advertisement have overtaken the advertisingindustry by storm with 80% people joining the social sites likeTwitter and Facebook. With the advert in social media growth,advertising a product has become an easy venture. This helps manycompanies and people to advertise their items at a relatively cheaperprice and reach as many people as possible.


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