Power and Authority

Powerand Authority

Power refers to the ability or the capacity to get people to gettogether in accordance with the influencer wishes. In this regards,power denotes the capacity of an individual to sway and inspirepeople in equal measures in a bid to control their behavior. On theother hand, authority denotes the liberty to utilize power wherepeople accept the implementation of power as pervasive to them associal beings (Knoke and Zhu 16). In this regards, authority differsgreatly with power as it denotes the claim of legality i.e. therationalization and liberty to implement power. Going by the abovemeaning, authority refers to the application of power in abureaucratic structure while power refers to the possession of theability to influence.

Interest groups refer to a group of people or an organization thattries to sway public dogmas but does not field people in electivepositions (Knoke and Zhu 33). Because of economic resources,organizational capacity, and the importance of the organization’smembers, the organization manages to influence policies. In thestructural pluralism (main interest groups in Italy), many assemblieshave access, but only a few are privileged. The Italian system hashad a division among interest groups along ideological or partisanlines. However, Italy does not have a corporatist system since theorganization of power is weak and too aligned politically.

On the other hand, client politics differ from interest groups inthat an organized group benefits at the expense of the public (Knokeand Zhu 41). Countries like America have strong client politics dueto the presence of a pluralist system. Entrepreneur politics havebecome common in America and usually refers to the practice ofcampaigning based on one’s essential values instead of representingunanimity. Entrepreneur politics involve political activism and thepractice of political values based on one’s conviction as practicedby George Bush and Ronald Reagan.


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