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Theword podcasting is derived from the words “pod” from iPod andbroadcasting. The use of the word “podcast” started before theinclusion of native support for podcasting to the iPod and iTunessoftware. A podcast is a digital medium that contains a series ofepisodes. The episodes can be in various forms. The forms include:audio, video, P.D.F, digital radio or other files. The contents in apodcast can be accessed from any computer that is able to open andplay the media files. The episodes can be down loaded through the webor streamed online to a mobile device or a computer. A podcast can bedefined as a program that is made available in digital format and canbe downloaded automatically over the internet(SearchUnifiedCommunications, 2015). A list of files is maintained onthe distributors’ server as a web feed. The user can employ someapplication software known as a pod catcher to access the feed, checkupdates, and download files in the series. It is possible for theprocess to be automated in order to download the new filesautomatically. After the automatic download, the files are stored inthe user’s computer for use and for convenient access. Unlikepodcasting, webcasting is not designed for offline use. combines audio, video, the web and portable media player.

Ihave looked at some podcasts from the internet for the purposes ofunderstanding more on this technology. I watched macbreak weeklyepisode 448. The episode is a production of TWIT. The episode washosted by: Andy Ihnatko, Leo Laporte, and Alex Lindsay. The episodetalked about why Apple workers and employees admired Steve Job’sbibliographies. Much was said about how Aplle’s CEO Tim cook wouldgive away his money. Much was said about why the tidal musicstreaming that was recently launched would greatly affect Apple’sbeats. The other topic of discussion was why Comcast is failing totalk with apple about Apple TV and many more (TWiT.tv, 2015).

Ilistened to another podcast from freakonomics.com. It was a radiobroadcast on the best exercise. The term best in this case would meanthe most efficient. According to the episode, most people fail toexercise due to a lack of time. The podcast discussed exercisecommitment devices alongside cost effectiveness. A three pointchecklist was formulated to help people learn more on exercising. Thethree points were: Intensity, I like to do it, and Individualization.Moreover, the episode featured the introduction of Jasmine. Aninspiring question was also asked by a listener called Scott (Dubner,Philips, Mahajan &amp Dubner, 2015).

Theother podcast was about life styles. It was entitled, “Ten Mythsabout Sugar”. Sugar is continuing to receive bad reputations asdays pass. It is being blamed for causing disorders and diseases.Examples of such disorders are: obesity and diabetes as well as otherheart diseases. The aim of the podcast was to find out whether sugarhad some good effects on human beings. The use of sugar, especiallyin America, has skyrocketed with time. Statistics show that Americansobtain close to 16 percent of calories from the sugars in soda andother energy drinks. Therefore, it is evident that many people needto pay attention to our consumption rates of sugar.

Ichose to listen to an audio podcast at podbean.com. It was theeleventh episode, entitled sweet or unsweet. The podcast is audio innature.Travis and Cody thanked the listeners for honoring theirpodcasts. The discussion was about bad habits, disputing the idea offate, bridge the wealth classes, children watching horror films,examining fate expectations, and addressing life plans (Development,2015).

Thevideo podcast that I decided to watch is a review of Acer asphire R13. The R 13 is Acer’s latest submission into the growing market.The R 13 is slightly bigger and heavier than a typical tablet. Theextra size and weight comes along with extra power and flexibility.The machine is priced at 1400$. The laptop is hybrid in nature. Itcan serve as a laptop and as a tablet at the same time. Theadvertiser gave the R 13 a definite buy(TWiT.tv, 2015).

Myexperience with podcasting has made me discover that it hasadvantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is convenience. Withpodcasting, one does not have to mind whether the audience isoffline. This is because a listener is able to download and replayfiles at any convenient time. The other advantage is that asubscriber can get any podcasts downloaded automatically. Foremployers, communication is made easy through podcasting. Theemployees can easily get the employers messages through podcasting.Moreover, it is easy to come up with podcasts. However, theadvantages are accompanied by some few disadvantages. Firstly, it isimpossible to reach a person who lacks an internet connection throughpodcasting. When large files are sent as podcasts, it becomesdifficult for the audience to access them especially in the cases ofslow internet connections. If a customer is hearing- impaired, it isimpossible to reach him or her. Moreover, if anyone lacks acompatible player, there is imminent need to change the content intowritten word. The other disadvantage is that the podcasts could beexposed to piracy since they can be easily shared.


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