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Thedistribution center utilizes pick to light systems, which islight-directed order fulfillment systems. When you compare it toAmazon picking system that is chaotic, then the difference isapparent. In the Amway distribution center, the products are placedon shelves where when needed the light goes on to alert the worker onwhat needs to be picked. This is confirmed by the operator pressingthe light button therefore showing the product required has beenpicked. The advantage of this picking up system to Amway distributioncenter is that the Company can configure the system to includeperformance and efficiency. The working environment is broken caseenvironment that is ideal for the utilization of pick to the lightsystem for Amway distribution center. The other picking up system inuse in Amway distribution center is the pick to voice system thatallows the pickers to continue picking without stopping to readinstructions. It increases efficiency by creating hands-free workingenvironment.

Accordingto the distribution, engineer Gary Ludema, this cuts the need forworkers to go back to their workstations to get more lists. The addedbenefit of utilizing pick to voice system in the Amway distributioncenter is the increased safety to the workers because their eyes areup as their hands are free. The latter is so beneficial to AmwayCompany because it occupies a big warehouse consequentlynecessitating the use of forklifts in its operation. The combinationof these two picking up systems is ideal for Amway distributioncenter, however a little adaptation is required to maximize theadvantages accruing from both.

Amwayuses a variety of picking systems in their distribution centers. Thedistribution center in Michigan uses a combination of pick-to-lightand pick-to-voice systems while overseas, some distribution centersuse a more simplified system, pick-to-paper.


  1. Pick to Light Overview – Bastian Solutions


Thelink above provides a video of one of the importance of the pickingsystems in the order accomplishment process. It highlights thebenefits of utilizing this technology and how it can help save coststo supply chain store owners. The video majorly highlights the lightto pick technology is a an emerging technology using the Amwaypicking system model.

Thevideo is highly reliable as it is highlights a product from theBastian Solutions which is a reliable technology company. It alsoacts as an advertisement for the company’s new technology which isattempted at winning new clients. This is why the article can berelied upon.

  1. Voice Picking In Retail

http://www.logisticsonline.com/doc/voice-picking-in-retail 0001?sectionCode=Spotlight&amptemplateCode=EnhancedStandard&ampuser=1777695&ampsource=nl:34 25

Thisarticle is highly related with Amway Picking System since it used toimprove the efficiency system of the production process in a company.However, it defers with the Amway picking system in that, thetechnology highlighted in this article is a voice simulated one whilefor the former is light simulated. The voice-picking systemhighlighted here is one of the emerging technologies used bycompanies to improve the efficiency, employee safety, and accuracyduring the production system.

Thesource is highly reliable since it is written by the byKellyUngs,who is the current senior director of global channel sales atWavelink.Wavelinkis a leading technology company known for its innovative products.

  1. Pick to Light Basics


Thislink is equally relevant to the topic as it deals with the technologyof a pick to light system which is a part of the picking systems. Itis used to direct order fulfillment by using light indicatorsimulators mounted on walls, flow racks, shelves, pallet, workbenches or other locations. The technology allows the lights to lightwhen an order is made by a customer. This alerts the employeesresponsible to pick up the desired product and hand it to thecustomer.

Thelink is very useful in that, it gives us another type of a pickingsystem working slightly different from the Amway picking system butuses the same technology.