Photosspeak many words. This commonly used phrase emphasizes the power of aphotograph to communicate a particular message. Photographers usetheir skills to pass the messages they want to put across to theiraudience using photos. Below are some photos that communicate theirmessages effectively.

TheMiddle East skirmishes do not seem to end any time soon. Thousands oflives have been lost property has been destroyed. In the image abovethe people crouching in the dark are the subjects of the photo. Theyare hiding from something or waiting to launch their own attack. Thebackground of the photo is well lit to show that this particularincident is taking place during the day. Billowing smoke is anindication that the fighting has persisted for some time during theday. Even the streets seem to be deserted after other people in thearea have probably take cover from the attacks. There is a fire thatis burning in the photo. This serves to emphasize the seriousness ofthe situation. From this image, one cannot lose the intended message.The framing emphasizes on the shadowy figures of men who are the mainfeatures of the image. By watching the photo, a person is made tothink of the clash that will definitely occur when the silhouettedimages of men come face to face with their opponents. The darkshadows portray death that is common in conflicts betweenPalestinians and the Israeli army. It is not hard to imagine how thepeople have to live with uncertainty of what will happen out off suchconflicts.

Thisis the aftermath of typhoon. It shows a desolate situation. The lonewalker in the photo is the subject here. The photographer has usedthe angle of the camera to bring out a tiny image of the person. Thelocation in the middle of the image makes the subject appear to beeven smaller in comparison with the surrounding devastation. Thisserves to give the impression that the person is lonely in thedamaged surroundings. It is also easy to see how powerful the typhoonwas. Trees have been torn down. There is nothing that has been leftstanding in its normal position. Looking at the subject, one cannothelp having pity on the person. There are no other people in thephoto, meaning that they are probably in a similar situation as thesubject. It appears the individual is looking for some sort of helpafter surviving the wrath of Mother Nature.

Whenyou think of the kind of destruction caused in this place, you heartwill go out to the affected people. The person captured in the photodoes not seem to be sure where he or she is going. It is not a verynice feeling to walk around all alone in such a situation. People areused to be around their families, friends and familiar surroundings.In the photo, nothing is the same any more. Those who survived thetyphoon have to find their footing afresh.

Thislittle child is fascinated by the swarm of jellyfish behind the glassscreen. The lighting focuses on the creatures in the water that arethe attraction of the child. The child is positioned near the bottomto emphasize its small size. Going by the way the child is close tothe wall, it is clear that he is fascinated by what he is seeing. Theimage is darker around the edges than it is in the middle. The childis mainly attracted by the creatures that are swimming in the centerwhere there is more light. The curiosity of the child is the reasonone would be moved by this photo. In his innocence, he is not awareof how dangerous the creatures he is watching are. The child alsodemonstrates boldness as he ventures alone in the partly lit area towatch the swimming creatures.

Castagainst the wall, the children seem to be very small. Theirpositioning close to the ground to emphasizes their size against thewall. Kids are creative and will not hesitate to create anything intoa source of fun. Playing in the building site is dangerous as theycan suffer accidents easily. The numerous objects lying around cancause injury to them, as they are lost in their games. Even with allthe risks around them, the children will not stop at anything to havefun. From the way they are dressed, it is very cold but they havebraved cold weather to go out and play. Anyone can be moved by theinnocence demonstrated by the children as they engage in their gamesoblivious of the danger they are exposed too. Everyone was a childand there are good memories of childhood. This photo rekindles thesweet memories when one was young and innocent.

Thisphoto is of a miner in an unregulated mine in Mexico. Some of thepoor people in Mexico risk their lives by going to mine in theunregulated mines. They undertake a huge risk and some of them perishthere while pursuing elusive wealth. Looking at the man’s face, onecan tell that he is poor and he is determined to get what he wants.His unkempt beard and dirty face tell you that this man is beingforced to this by need and nothing more. He is determined to risk hislife by seeking a way to make ends meet from the risky bowels of theearth. The image is most likely captured in the dark bowels of theearth. The darkness in the photo indicates the death and stillnessthat might engulf this man at any time he is inside the ground. Hehas a look in his eyes that tells you that he is wary of what mighthappen to him but has to continue anyway. At his age, he must betaking a very huge risk to undertake this venture. It is moving toimagine that he might never see his family or friends again if thingsgo wrong when he is below the surface of the earth.

Eachof these photos tells a story in their unique way. Thephotojournalists have used their skills to ensure that story tellstheir story effectively. Looking at them, one does not need a lot ofdetails to know what is happening. The images are self-explanatory. Askilled photographer will make it easy for people looking at theirphotos to look at them and quickly understand the message they wantto put across. All the above images have been captured by highlyskillful photographers.