Personal Statement


Accountinghas always been my area of interest since my childhood. My passionfor the field was instigated by the fact that some of the thingsindividuals do every day involve some accounting concepts. Theyinclude checking the balances in hand or in the bank, expenses,budgeting for earnings and trying to balance income with spending. Itmeans that accounting is an integral part of our daily living. Inaddition, I have always been good in math, especially during my highschool years, and this offered a good basis for my interest in thefield. Accounting involves problem-solving, which is one of the coreskills evident in math. I also possess various skills includingfundamental finance, economics and international trading knowledge,proficient in ICT skills, as well as adept in word, excel and powerpoint. I believe that these skills together with my accountingbasics are fundamental elements in pursuing an MSC in Accountancy atNanyang Technological University. I have confidence in the qualityprogram offered by the University, which will provide an advancedtraining to my career path in accountancy.

Currently,I am a level three student at Swansea University, UK. I am studyingBSc in Accounting and Finance scheduled to end in July 2015, andthereafter graduate with a degree. Some of the main course undertakeninclude Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting, ManagementAccounting, Business Law, Taxation and Mathematics for Business justto mention a few. Although my grades were not that promising duringmy first year of study, I am confident that I will emerge a winner atthe end of it. I also undertook a pre-sessional English course at theUniversity where I studied the English language. At SwanseaUniversity, I have learnt a lot regarding the world of accounting,from being inspired by lecturers who possess real insight andknow-how. The modules and the tutors are the most excellent componentof the course. I love taking part in comprehensive discussions withtutors who are greatly experienced as they broaden my viewpointfurther. In my understanding, these, together with my commitment willcontribute greatly to my final grade. I am aspiring to get a bettergrade in order to prove my competency in the filed. I believecompleting my undergraduate course will not be the end of the roadfor my academic life. To build a career in the accounting realmimplies continuing with my education by pursuing a master degree.Enrolling in the course is a key undertaking to my future. It willassist in filling my knowledge gap besides providing a platform formy career path.

Havinghad some experience in the job market will play a key role in myfuture career as an accountant. Between June 2013 and June 2014, Iwas a waitress at Wasabi, Sushi and Noodle Bar restaurant. It was apart-time job based at Uplands Crescent, Swansea, UK. The jobprovided me with various skills including problem-solving skills,managing incidents, and working under pressure. In situationsrequiring problem-solving, I always do a detailed analysis of theissue using different techniques prior to making the final decision.I suppose this is important in the field of accounting. From July toAugust 2014, I also worked as a part-time waitress at Boba JamDessert restaurant in London. The major skill learned during thistime was business inspection. I believe that these skills arefundamental for anyone who wants to join the accounting field.

Outsidemy education setting, I also possess various interests and loveundertaking different activities. They include travelling, learningand socialising. I am an enthusiastic, organised and plannedtraveler. During my stay in China, I undertook extensive travelthroughout the country. Besides, I love learning new things throughdifferent ways and then apply the same to my personal and work life.I also enjoy communicating with different people and givingpresentation. These activities have played a key role in improving mycapability in all areas of life, including in school, work, and mypersonal life. I deem them valuable in the realm of accounting. Theseskills, coupled with the ones I will obtain from the University, willassist me realise my aspiration for a career in accounting.

Thecontemporary economic climate is characterised by increased demandfor highly qualified accountants. The working environment foraccountants involves high-pressure, meeting strict deadlines whileworking without making any mistakes. It also necessitates highproblem- solving and communication skills. I believe I have theseskills which have gained from my education and work experience. Asevidenced, my interests have also played a major role in adding up tothese skills. These, together with self-confidence will assist me inpresenting my views both to internal and external stakeholders. Ifeel that an MSc in Accountancy will provide practical experienceuseful in preparing my future after school. It will equip me withnecessary skills required by an accountant, while making me a betterperson ready to build up my potential and attain my goals. Withalmost every company having a financing and accounting department, itis certain that securing a job in this field will not be difficult.

Iwant to apply for a MSc course set on a reasonable timeframe andwhich provides students with sufficient support, letting themcompletely benefit from and value their studies. I have always hadthe view that any considerable investment requires significantreturns. At the completion of the course, I hope to have obtainedquality accounting skills relevant to any organisation that will hiremy services. I believe your institution will offer all these and manymore meaningful skills. My choice of the institution is based on thequality of teaching provided and the use of world-class teachingfacilities. Additionally, according to my investigation, I understandthat an MSc in Accountancy at your university meets high professionalstandards. I am convinced that your teaching is supported bytop-notch research that provides authoritative and innovativeprocedures to practice and theory. Completion of the MSc program willbe a realisation to my future career as a chartered accountant.

Ina nutshell, I perceive myself as a goal driven person, hardworking,and who is fully dedicated in her work. I also take challenges assources of opportunities. I do not believe in failure, although itgives me motivation to work harder. Given an opportunity, I willattest my dedication in the course. I will utilise the skills Ialready possess and make them a platform to obtaining advanced skillsin the field of study. I will exhibit my determination, potential anddedication to finish the course. I look forward to hearing from you.