Personal Finance TED-TALK

PersonalFinance: TED-TALK

Fromthe Pink’s talk, he identifies three intrinsic motivators that arecritical in business setting these include autonomy, mastery, andpurpose. Pink’s talk tends to focus more on autonomy as a criticalintrinsic motivator. Although management can be perceived as anaspect that enhances compliance, it has a tendency of decreasingautonomy for a majority of employees. According to pink, it ispossible to use modern approaches in ensuring that autonomy isincreased. For instance, a modern approach such as ROWE (Results OnlyWork Environment) can be utilized, where it allows employees to workregardless of their working hours provided they do the work. This iscritical in increasing autonomy and productivity, as well asdecreasing staff turnover. Thus, according to Pink, individualsshould be allowed to become more motivated by mastery, autonomy, andpurpose. Through such motivation, it is possible to make businessesstronger a move that may change the world.

Iagree with the presentation made by Dan Pink concerning motivation.One of the reasons for agreeing with his postulations is becauseproviding people with an opportunity to direct their own lives(autonomy) gives them motivation. People will always love working ina place, where they are capable of directing their lives. This wouldencourage them leading to increase in their productivity. Anotherreason why I agree with the arguments presented by Pink is becausesome businesses have already to apply his arguments and havebenefited. For instance, Atlassian has always encouraged itsengineers to take a day off their usual routine and come up withanything that they wish to develop. This motivates employees, makingthem develop something valuable at the end of the day. Therefore, ifbusinesses consider intrinsic motivators, they can enhance theirproductivity.