Organizational Change



Pleaseidentify the current CEO of each of Cisco Systems and two of itscompetitors. For each CEO please examine his or her bio and any background information. Please summarize his or her previous successes.

JohnThomas Chambers is the current CEO of the Cisco Systems since 1995.He holds a bachelor’s degree in business and law attained from WestVirginia University and an MBA in finance and management attainedfrom Indiana University in Bloomington. His career life in businessbegan at the IBM Corporation in 1976. He later moved to Wang Computerbefore he was absorbed by the Cisco Systems as the senior vicepresident of worldwide operations and later, the CEO. As the CEO,Chambers elevated the technology of Cisco Systems to that of largestcorporations in the 21stcentury and also engineered the acquisition of more companies tobroaden the company’s expertise and variety of products (Ciscosystems, 2015). He helped the company achieve more than 10 foldrevenue in his first five years as the CEO.

Thecompetitors of the Cisco Systems are the Alcatel Lucent and HewlettPackard Company. Michel Combes is the CEO for the Alcatel LucentCompany. He was appointed the CEO of the Alcatel Lucent in 2013.Before joining Alcatel, he was the CEO of the Vodafone Company wherehe helped speed up the company’s integration with severalsubsidiaries through merge of back office operations, streamline ofthe IT and networks, and at the same time keeping up with thedynamics of locals sales.

MegWhitman is the current CEO of the Hewlett Packard Company. She is agraduate from Princeton University and Harvard Business School. Shewas appointed Hewlett Packard CEO in September 2011. Before herappointment to Hewlett Packard, she was the vice president ofstrategic planning for the Walt Disney Company. She was also thepresident and CEO of the eBay where she oversaw the company’sexpansion in terms of employees and revenue. She was also named the20thin Forbes list of the most influential women in the world in 2014.

Foreach CEO, can you predict any future corporation initiatives as aresult of his or her demonstrated track record?

JohnChambers will diversify the operations to survive downturns byobserving market trends and overseeing long term trends.

MichelCombes will revolutionize the company to build networks that willenable the company meet the needs of their clients.

MegWhitman will help restore the confidence of its clients about theirproducts and thus revive growth and increased revenue for thecompany.

Foreach company please identify the senior executives today and in 2000.How many members of the team have changed? What percentage is this?How have profit and revenues changed in this same time period?

Thesenior executives for the Cisco Systems Company include JohnChambers, Mark Chandler, Blair Christie, Wim Elfrink, Kelly Kramer,Robert Lloyd, Gary Moore, Pankaj Patel, and Chuck Robbins (Cisco,2015). Most of the team members have not changed apart from KellyKramer and Gary Moore who joined the organization after 2000. Thereis a slight percentage in the change but during the period, thecompany’s revenue and profits have been on an increasing trend.

Thesenior executives for the Alcatel Lucent include Michel Combes, BasilAlwan, Dave Geary, Bhaskar Gorti, Federico Guillen, PhilippeGuillemot, Philippe Keryer, Nicole Gionet, Jean Raby, and Tim Krause(Alcatel Lucent, 2015). There have been slight changes in theexecutive team of the Alcatel Lucent Company since 2000. Members likethe CEO Michel Combes, Philippe Guillemot, Jena Raby, Bhaskar Gorti,Basil Alwan, and Dave Geary joined the senior executive team of theAlcatel Lucent after 2000. The percentage change is slight with thecompany experiencing a tremendous increase in its profits andrevenue.

Thesenior executives for the Hewlett Packard include Meg Whitman, MikeNefkens, Antonio Neri, John Schultz, Martin Fink, Bill Veghte, HenryGomez, Dion Weisler, John Hinshaw, Robert Youngjohns, Tracy Keogh,and Cathie Lesjak (Hewlett Packward, 2015). Most of these executivesjoined the company after 2000 apart from Antonio Neri, Martin Fink,and Bill Veghte. The company has had a great percentage changes forthe senior executive team. Although the company is still suffering adrop in revenues and profits, sales have been predicted to rise inthe coming years after the executive’s efforts to restore trustamongst its clients.

Ifa change in CEO has occurred, please examine the date of the change.Can you suggest why the change occurred?

Therehave been changes in the CEO for the Alcatel Lucent and HewlettPackard companies. The new CEO for Alcatel was appointed in April2013 after resignation of the serving CEO while that of HewlettPackard was appointed in September 2011 after the serving CEO wasfired.

Pleaseidentify two important things that each company is doing differentlynow as compared with 2000. So what?

CiscoSystems has implemented organizational change and advanced itsoperations. This is aimed at making the operations more efficient andthus achieve its operational success.

TheAlcatel Lucent Company has restructured its operations and thedevelopment of an integrated operations and monetization of serviceassurance platform. These ventures are aimed at reducing theoperational costs for the organization and increasing the revenue andprofits for the company.

HewlettPackard changed its management platform and proposed a split of thecompany into two. This is aimed to cut costs and help restore therevenue for the company which was observed to drop.

Thisassignment has helped me in getting more insights on the currentmanagement of the leading telecommunication companies in the world. Ihave also been in a position to understand the various changes in theorganizational structure as well as the strategies applied to helpachieve high revenues and profits for the companies. I have also beenin a position to understand and appreciate the role of organizationalchange.


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