Organizational Change Assignment 7

OrganizationalChange Assignment 7

OrganizationalChange Assignment 7

&nbspFederalExpress has decided to open three new offices. One is in St. John’sNewfoundland a second is in Miami, Florida, while a third office isin Surrey, British Columbia. With the assumption that there are nooperations in those cities, answer the follow questions:

  1. Please examine the demographic make-up of these three communities. What are the important ways that they differ?

In2014, the estimated population of Miami was about 2,662,874 people.In the previous years, the population was relatively lower than thatof 2014. The demographic make-up of Miami was estimated in regard torace, age, households, economical status, and types of employment andlevel of education.

Thedemographic make-up of St. John’s during the 2011 census wasestimated at about 196,966 persons. Unlike in Miami, the populationestimate was carried out on different grounds to an extent. It wasestimated in regard to age, sex, families, and households, languages,marital status, presence of children in homes and types of dwelling.

In2011, the city of Surrey was estimated to have about 468,000individuals. The survey was carried out while looking at the age, andgender, families, and households, education, economical status, race,and housing.

Onlooking at the demographic make-up of the three communities, it isimportant to realize that they do not differ as such. Nevertheless,there are some ways in which they do all the three communities havea unique system in carrying out their census. Also, these activitiesare carried out during different years depending on the community.

  1. How much bigger or smaller would FedEx’s operations need to be to serve the local markets of Miami and Surrey? How did you arrive at your estimate?

FedExis the largest constitute of the FedEx Corporation that assists manycountries with air courier services. Due to its size in the cities,the operations of FedEx would be required to be bigger in order toserve the local markets of Miami, and Surrey. To serve Miami, thefacility present would be required to incorporate a larger workforce.Miami has about 2,662,874 people and for this reason, it would beimpossible for only 390 employees in FedEx to cater for thepopulation. The solution here would be to expand the FedExfacilities, and branches increasing the number of employees. Lookingat Surrey which has a population of about 468,000 people, theworkforce in the FedEx facility is about 50 employees or slightlymore.

Withina week, the FedEx Company delivers packages using about 2900 vehiclesin the regions. For this reason, the estimated number of employees inthe Miami facility should be about double the number. For the marketsin Surrey to be served, the number of employees in the facilityshould be about triple the original quantity (Rushton &amp Walker,2007).

  1. Based on the demographic data, how might FedEx’s workforce differ in Surrey and Miami from that in St. John`s?

Asdiscussed above, the population of Miami is about 2,662,874people the demographic date of Surrey is about 468,000 while that ofSt. John’s is 196,966 persons. In Miami, there is a new FedExfacility that was recently created. The FedEx branch in Miami workswith about 390 employees. About 50 employees comprise those securingtemporary positions that are only available during the holidays. TheFedEx facility in Surrey was also recently started. During itsinitiation, it had room for about 50 employees only. The FedExworkforce in St. John’s greatly differs from that of Miami, andSurrey. This outcome is because of the number of individuals presentin the city (Rushton et al., 2007). As compared to Miami, and Surrey,the population of St. John’s is relatively low.

  1. What might FedEx do differently to serve each of these three markets? In other words, how might it slightly customize service to respond to each of these markets? So what?

Inas much as the FedEx operations are on the higher end, there arecertain ways in which they can improve. With the FedEx services, allcountries do not receive the same services. It has been observed thatother countries acquire better services as compared to the others.The most important thing is to increase and expand the facilities inthe three communities. Through expansion, a larger workforce isincorporate, and this improves the services offered by FedEx.Furthermore, there is the option to providing shipping to these threemarkets. With the option of shipping, the services of FedEx withinthese three markets are able to increase. In addition to this, FedExmay also include the option of improving the packaging ofcommodities. There are some products that are quite fragile, andoften arrive at their destinations while damaged. To avoid therepercussions that come with this unfortunate happening, FedEx mayimprove its packaging hence better services to the three markets(Rushtonet al., 2007).By doing the above, the company is able to maximize its profits aswell as satisfy its customers. When the customers are satisfied, theywill keep coming back and for this reason, FedEx Company willcontinue to grow, and develop.

Insummation, it is important to realize the main aim of thisassignment. The demographic data of countries, cities, andcommunities have an effect on certain companies. Through theassignment, it is learnt that the operations of a company may changewhen the population of the locality exhibits certain changes.


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