Online Marketing


Online marketing refers to a process whereby marketing is carried outon an internet platform. Through this, the people who use theinternet will be able to see the adverts of a company using theplatform. Some of the methods that are used in online marketinginclude social media marketing, email marketing, display advertising,search engine marketing and mobile marketing among others (Sheehan,2010).

Online marketing has many benefits that are attached to it. Theyinclude the fact that they are not expensive to use. This is due tothe use of low costs of electronic communications. This help reducethe overall costs involved. It is lower as compared to the offlineadvertising. It also has the advantage of having a very largecoverage. Due to the spread of the internet across the world, thereach of the adverts that are posted is very large and can reach allcorners of the world. The websites and designed that are on displayin the online pages can be changed to suit the target market needsand the changes are employed and relayed immediately. As such, itreduces the overall time and costs used in the making of changes tocontent used (Kumavat, 2012).

Another benefit of online marketing is that it has the attribute ofmeasurability of the results. This is dependent on the number ofclicks that are made per ad that is posted. They can also be able tomonitor the eventual sales that were brought about by the adverts.They is also an instant feedback receipt mechanism. Through this, thecomplaints and compliments from the customers will be receivedimmediately through the respective advertising sites.

Social media marketing is the most common online marketing means. Itadopts the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter,Google+ and Pinterest among other tools. In these, they display thecontent of the company to the users. They have the advantage ofhaving very high number of users worldwide. In this, they become amarket by itself for the products of a company (Inc.Firm,2014). The companies in this case post updates on theirproducts and display their new products in their respective ageswhere the customers can see them.

Another means of internet marketing is email advertising. Thisinvolves the sending of emails to the possible customers. The contentof this email is information about the company. Though it has anoption for the customers to opt out of the service, the message willhave already be sent and the information already sent.

Another means that can be used in internet marketing is the use ofsearch engine marketing. This is where a website of a company is seenas a search result in the search pages. This is based on the contentwhich a web user searches for (Thomas, 2011). A similar strategy inthis is search engine optimization. This increases the rankings of awebsite of a company in the search results. Through this, the targetmarkets will be driven to the websites of the company.

In conclusion, there are many benefits that arise from the use ofonline marketing. It is cheaper to use online marketing. The reach ofthe marketing systems is also greater as compared to otheradvertising means. This is because of being able to reach all cornersof the world. The effectiveness and efficiency of the strategies arewell evident.


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