Online Gaming


An online game can be defined as a video game that is played over acomputer network. The network is usually a computer. Online gamingexpansion shows the overall computer network expansion from the localgaming network to the growth of the internet gaming. The online gamesrange from simple text-based environments to the incorporation ofvirtual worlds and complex graphics with huge number of players.Genre is applied in video games categorization on the basis of gameplay interaction rather narrative and visual differences. The genreis defined by the game play challenges and grouped independent oftheir setting (Information Resources Management Association, 2014).

What are the importances of other online environment to the gameplay? When researching on this study paper one of the online opendiscussion pages I found useful for this study paper is the GameSpotforum. The forum discusses general question such as what one would doif all online games were destroyed. Specifically the 3-MinuteExpert-Powers is an online game that has attracted so much attention.Adapted from the TV series powers by Brian Michael powers Bendis andMichael Avin Deming the game gives the player the opportunity ofliving in a world where he or she has powers. The game is availableonline and also on PS 4 most people when discussing the game claimthat it is the best game ever especially given the fact that one hasthe upper hand of having watched the film with Christian walkerplaying as the super hero and also a police detective. Most playersof the game believe that it is awesome.

Mighty Gora


Detective Christian Walker.

The game is about a super hero who is ageless Christian Walker andDeena Pilgrim. The powers the superpower the super hero posses makesthe game more interesting.

The other game in Paradise Guardian 3 in this game the player playsby eliminating his enemies’ forces. To stay alive one has to dorepair and only choose the weapons that are effective for survival.The online players of this game love the game and even though somecriticize it saying it falls short of some necessity features it is agood game.

Paradise Guardian 3

In Comparing between the two games on worldness matter: in the firstgame that is powers the game is acted on the real world with ordinarypeople and a man with supernatural powers. On the other hand, inparadise Guardian we see bugs attack the city as the enemy forces.The star hides in a big building where he is able to defend the cityand himself from attacks. Religion does not occur in the two games.However, in powers we are given an account Christian Walker origin.Walker is depicted as a hero who has always been there throughouttime. The characters and the way the two games are designed is anexample of inspired game designs. The characters in both games arefast easily controllable and able to fight off the enemy and eventhough in paradise guardian one finds it hard to recover aftergetting shot the game are simply awesome. The character in guardianparadise is mute which is not the case in powers where we find asociable character who fight for other. In the two games monster arepresent: in paradise it is the bugs while as in 3-Minutes Expertpowers Christian Walker is half monster half human due to the powershe posses.


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