Online Branding Proposal for Premier Portraits


OnlineBranding Proposal for Premier Portraits




OnlineBranding Proposal for Premier Portraits

Forourfuture e-commerce branding development direction, and the last 2years, I will make a report:

Asfar as I can comprehend the photography industry right from secondhalf of 2009, the international financial crisis hit many photographystudios. The studios were greatly affected and it has taken them timeto break through the passive status. In bid to break this passivestatus, Yiyi selected network operator sales with a hope to useinternet to woe customers owing to its powerful nature. The internetwas to be a source of more potential opportunities and create newenterprises myth. For concrete change to occur from the economicdownturn that had rocked several industries, the studios andcompanies had to reverse their marketing channels. There was need toensure transparency in communicating marketing prices. Thecommunication of the market prices was to be made in a clear, fastand convenient manner. Additionally, to ensure good photography thereis need to have an appropriate means of communication that meets theneeds of the modern fast paced lifestyle. Thus, the importance of thenetwork marketing in wedding photography industry will be anindicator of growth. I believe that we will create good networkmarketing. Will give the U.S. photography market, bringing marketingstorm of historical examples, let us wait and see!

HereI will put forward my network marketing programs:

1.Lot of investment in advertising

Inthe highly competitive internet industry, for a faster growth, weshall invest and pay a lot of attention to online advertising(Hanson&amp Kalyanam, 2007). Online advertising and marketing is fastgrowing and is everywhere and we shall seek to invest 10 milliondollars in online advertising annually.

2To build their own website and Internet chat

Theinternet chat is meant to carry out and facilitate consumernetworking events or online product marketing activities as well aspromotional activities. This will help mobilize the emotional factorsof the consumers thus appealing to their emotions and henceincreasing consumption of the products (Hanson &amp Kalyanam, 2007).A good example of a company that has excelled in this segment is theonline bookstore AMAZON website. It has an open chat area to attractreaders and this has enabled it to have an increase in annual salesby 34% of which 44% is repeat customers. We shall seek to invest 20million dollars annually towards this venture.

3.Resource cooperation

Resourcecooperation will entail online promotional alliance with thenon-competitive vendors, online database through mutual networking.It is expected to increase the chance of contact with potentialconsumers. Putting these strategies will ensure that one does notimpact the enterprise products, on the other hand broadens theconsumption of the product level. (Invested 10 million dollars ayear?)

4.Network culture combined with the product

Thiswill entail integration of network culture and product advertising toattract consumers using the various internet culture and features.Some of the features that will be exploited include financial productadvertising in online games, network the users accept depicting thepromotional activities (Hanson &amp Kalyanam, 2007). Consequently,these strategies will attract a large number of users to view theproducts. Network Culture Communication can also be achieved throughthe formation of user clubs. We can be precise its products, and ourimage penetrated into every product truly interested users.

5.Political celebrities, entertainers, as a spokesperson.

Thebusiness can exploit the use of stars in the area of sports, thehigh-end families like those of the governor to market theirphotography and in return give each of these celebrities anendorsement fee. This ensures that the products get enough marketrecognition. Annual budget of 200 million U.S. dollars is adequate.

Sinceits inception, our consistent commitment to adhere to move forwardwith innovative ideas and positioned in a high degree of brandawareness in high-end wedding photography brand and first-classservice, to build on the foundation of perfect quality service. Todayin the country in the field of high-end photography services, famous,famous. Honed after several years of wind and rain, and now we have acomplete service operating model as one of the Customer ServiceCenter, photography services, product research and developmentcenter, apparel development, late design, brand operations andmanagement center. Vanilla Shadows’ customer service center, thevanilla city of photographic base, Xia Yi Museum Costume DesignCenter are vanilla Shadows independent operating units. Withultra-high quality of service brand, the quality of high-endproducts, the luxurious hardware configuration and optimization ofthe management process, became the leader of the U.S. high-endphotography services.

Weare adhering to a more professional, more nuanced service concept,and the whole intimate satisfactory service for customers. Acorporate brand positioning is crucial, and our brand positioning isthe first in the U.S. high-end photography services. Vanilla Shadowsbrand was founded in 2011, by virtue of JunYanunique service concept and brand positioning, for several years tobecome the fastest growing in American photography serviceenterprises. From the market industry perspective, the rapidimprovement of our brand culture, depending on the precisepositioning of the service concept and the product itself attached tothe rich connotation of the brand. The rapid rise of our brand, thedegree of consumer awareness of the entire wedding photography markettrends, grasp the very precise and place, it is the customers` trustin our brand and strong support. For photography services businesses,works and services, is the product. We are the leader in the field ofwedding photography style original research in the country. At thesame time, for the long-term persistence of the high-end quality andnuanced performance, achievements of our service brand image in theminds of consumers of high-end now. For our customers, the brandvalues ​​are embodied in the establishment of ongoing customerassurance, continuous ongoing social responsibility and sustainableproduct quality. After several years of excellence, it has been tohave the strength of the brand to provide customers with a realhigh-end, perfect, high-quality services and products, brand image isthe trust and respect of all of our customers, and we become trulystrong brand strong foundation.


Hanson,W. A., &amp Kalyanam, K. (2007). Internet marketing &ampe-commerce. Thomson/South-Western.