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It is evident that are the leading sports in the world. Thecompetition which comprise of various sporting activities is heldduring summer or winter. Research has indicated that the creation ofOlympic Games was inspired by the ancient Olympic Games. It is clearthat more than 200 countries across the world participate in thesporting competition. The various sporting activities involved duringthe Olympic Games comprise of javelin, long jump, high jump, andfootball. It is paramount to state that the games are held every fouryears and they alternate between winter and summer. There arenumerous similarities and differences between the ancient OlympicGames and the modern Olympic Games. There have been numerous changesthat have been made to the original composition and structure of theOlympic Games. It is worthwhile noting that the ancient games wereheld in Olympia Greece. A closer look at the name of the first venueof the games would suggest that the games derived their name from thevenue. This is a true assertion since the Olympic Games were namedafter the city where they were first held.

The ancient were held for a different reason as compared tothe modern . For instance, these ancient were heldto honor the Greek God named Zeus. It is surprising to note that themen were the only people allowed to participate in these games.Furthermore, the men participating in the ancient games were onlyallowed to participate while nude. This is totally different from themodern Olympic Games where both males and females participate in thecompetition. Additionally, the games are not held as a way of tryingto praising any person but as a way of bringing people together fromacross the world. The modern games are also held as a way of ensuringthat people interact and winners are also awarded with trophies andmonies. It is also notable that the ancient games were only held inGreece. This is because the games only involved the Greeks and were away of praising their god, Zeus.

Different from the ancient games is that the modern games are heldin various cities across the world. It is evident that there are anumber of rules that have changed since the ancient games in Greece.For instance, it is clear that the modern games comprise of both menand women and people no longer participate when they are nude. It isvital to assert that the rules, design and the structure of the gamesare now determined by the committee. The various changesthat have been made in the Olympic Games include the creation ofParalympic games, youth Olympic Games and the winter Olympic Games.The Paralympic games are aimed at attracting disabled athletes acrossthe world. It is abundantly clear that the IOC has adapted to thenumerous political and economic changes in the organization and themanagement of the games. For instance, the games are broadcast liveacross the world and the numerous sponsors with commercials fromacross the world.

There various similarities between the ancient and the modern games.One of the primary notable similarities is that the two events areheld every four years. Additionally, the games use athletes as acenter of attraction. In other words, the competition involvesathletes competing for rewards and heroism titles. It is also evidentthat the winning athletes are rewarded in both the ancient and themodern games. Winners are mainly awarded with trophies and money. Itis also notable that the two events have significant culturalimportance. They bring various people together from differentcultures. It is also clear that the games both in the ancient andmodern participation involve various games such boxing, high jumpamong others, which involve physical combat. There are, however, anumber of differences between the two types of games. For instance,the ancient games involved athletes from different states in Greecewhile the modern comprise of athletes from across the world.Another key difference is that the ancient were both anathletic and a religious event. However, the modern arepurely athletic. Another difference is that the modern allowboth men and women to participate unlike the ancient games which onlyallowed men. It is also evident that the modern games haveincorporated more games than the ancient games had. Lastly, theancient games had significant religious implications while the moderngames do not have.

In conclusion, it can be stated that the Olympic Games are the mostpopular and famous games across the world. Although the games wereinspired by an event that occurred in one country, this trend hasexpanded to attract the participation of people across the world. Itis, however, worth noting that the modern games have evolved over along time and therefore are different in various aspects from theancient games. There are, however, some similarities between theancient and modern Olympic Games that have remained to date.