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HowSomeone Learns or Becomes a Racist

Noone is born a racist however, at some point in one’s life, he/shelearns there is a difference between people, black and white, Asianand white or any race from the other. Different factors are known tocontribute in making one a racist. At this point, it’s clear that,racists aren’t born as racists but rather, it’s something theyadopt along in their life.

Oneof the contributing aspects for one to become a racist is theparents. Once children are born, they learn through imitating theirparents, and if his/her parents have a certain aspect or reference toany tribe or race of people, it’s more likely the child will growwith the same attitude towards the same race. When they see theirparents hating on a specific cultural group, they learn to do thesame, without reason, just because they saw their parents do it. Parents should try their best to make sure they teach their childrenwhat is right. They should be a source of good example to theirchildren.

Childrenpick up prejudice at a young age, as young as three years old. Asthey grow older, they meet people who share the same thoughts andthus their group biasness is strengthened. This is done by the racialjokes which are termed as vocal discrimination. They influence eachother and they learn things they did not know about other culturalgroups. They look and find enough reason to be hateful. In additionto this, life experiences may turn one to a racist. For example, whena young person is mistreated by his boss, who is about different acethan him, he may adopt to hate the entire race his boss belongssimply because of his experiences in the hands of his boss. At somepoint, an individual may tend to stereotype the entire group. He orshe is filled with so much rage towards the entire group, whetherguilty or not. This is present where people believe in revenge otherthat forgiveness. This can be termed as the negative impact of theenvironment surrounding an individual while he is growing up. Whenthe people around one have varying and negative experiences withother tribes, one may tend to adopt the same stand, hence becoming aracist from the impact of the environment.

Inthe recent times, and sometimes before, the mass media have not madeit any easier. Over the past many years, there has been a history ofracism. The history of racism is accessible over the internet and thebooks and magazines we read. For example, in most movies,Africans-Americans act as violators of rules and deviant behaviors,this portrays a bad image of African- Americans making Americans lookdown upon them. This in turn has not made as much difference asexpected. Instead, it encourages superiority and discrimination.

Insummary, there are different and varying contributing factors thatcan turn one a racist. There are different factors that can turn oneto become a racist. For example, through learning from the parents,environmental contribution, life experience and the media are some ofthe contributing factors. However, causes of racism vary from oneregion to the other, but the main aspect is that, the causes arepeople driven and in turn its only people who can lead an effectivewar against racism.