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1.The NightOf Broken Glassrefers to the night that all hell broke loose. Its name comes fromthe shattered glass that was on the street the night the German Nazisattacked the Jews. A Jewish German refugee assassinated a German Naziofficial in Paris. This news was not taken lightly by the Nazis, theyorganized the burn down of synagogues, looting of Jews businessplaces, raping of their women, trashing their schools and cemeteriesand killing them in cold blood. The fight between the Jews and theNazi is what contributed to the World War Two.

2.Adolf Hitler was in the army during the World War One. He survivedthe war. When his army surrendered, he was filled with so much rage.He started climbing the political ladder to try making a difference.Hitler took advantage of the ongoing war between the Nazi and theJews to penetrate into leadership. His main aim was to bringdemocracy to an end. He used false promises to assure a fairleadership to those who voted for him. He had the full support of theNazi. A vote was taken between those who supported Hitler and theSocial democrats, the democrats lost, marking the end of Democracy inGermany.

3.The Night is an autobiography of one Elie Wiesel it was firstpublished in the year 1955 with the aim to show the barbarism thatwent on in the reign of Adolf Hitler. He narrates in this book on howhe witnessed multiple deaths how he believes he survived so that hecan write about what he experienced during those cold and horrifyingnights. The tone of Elie Wiesel while writing this book is full ofanger and great hatred.

4.Anti- Semite was a German group that had so much hatred towards theJews because the Jews held the largest religion in Europe.Anti-Semites were Islam/ Muslims. The anti-Semitism group became aformal movement in Europe in the mid 19thcentury. They came up with different and false ideologies such asJews were responsible for the death of Christ, social and economicills. The Nazis began to rebel against the local politicalindependence, they tried to challenge the method of leadership inGermany. Those responsible were arrested and taken to jail where theywere disciplined thoroughly.

5.As seen in Adolf Hitler’s biography, ‘Adolf Hitler: TheDefinitive Biography’ written by John Toland. The Nazis constructedconcentration camps which were used to imprison and discipline wrongdoers such as the Jehovah’s Witness, homosexuals, social democratsand those who had deviant behaviors.

6.The first concentration camp was called Dachau, which was constructedin March 1933.

7.There are some people who believe that the holocaust is a hoax andthat it never happened. These people are known as Holocaust deniers.The most famous Holocaust denier is the David Irving.

8.Adolf Hitler came up with death camps and targeted the Jews. A deathcamp was a concentration camp that was used to carry out massmurders. He had so much hatred towards them because they were seen asan obstruction to his leadership and were considered enemies of thestate.

9.During the World War Two, the Great Depression American event waswhat increasingly raised the status of the republic of America. Itmade itself gain the status of a superpower.

10.Allied force incompetence in the World War 1 was what led to theworld war two, this motivated them to take part and intervene in TheSecond World War.

11.The allied group was led by their commander Dwight David Eisenhower.After the end of the world war two, the German Nazis were taken totrial the allies presented the courts with reliable evidence of thecrimes the Nazis committed.

12.The movie Boys in Brazil are important since it dramatizes how oneperson may have a dream which could negatively change the world. Itmakes people realize that if people are not careful, history canrepeat itself Adolf Hitler’s history.

13.Despite the holocaust deniers saying that the holocaust didn’thappen, there’s evidence that the holocaust had indeed taken placesuch as testimonies from the perpetrators of the crimes and thesurvivors, photographic and filming records were located from wherethey had been hidden and also the files and records had not beencompletely destroyed after the war, copies were found and they werepresented during the trial of the perpetrators of crime againsthumanity in Germany.

14.The Holocaust was the mass murder of Jews by the Nazi which tookplace in death concentration camps.

15.Ann was taken to Burgen Belsen concentration camp where she died oftyphoid.

16.Before capture, her family together with her father’s friends hadmanaged to secure a hiding place which she referred to as the secretannex. It was in a secret apartment behind the family owned businessplace.

17.German Nazis were permitted to carry out roughshod against Jews andanti-Nazis because they were given the thought that they were farmuch better than the rest and that they were the ruling class.

18.Jewishness is a religion that has maintained its culture and beliefsthroughout the years. They faced great opposition and were known asthe carriers of a large percentage of diseases.

19.Israel where Jews believe that’s where they belong was found inMay 1948. There was conflict between the Arabs and Jews, but in themid 19thcentury, most Palestine fled.

20.Germany had started spreading its threats to the entire Europeancontinent. It indeed did spread to various places such as theNetherlands but due to the intervention of allies from the Britishand America, Europe was liberated from the harsh ruling of one AdolfHitler and his Nazi leadership movement.

Insummary, the hatred for a specific religion, the Jewish religion, ledto the unfair massacre and the genocide of millions and millions ofpeople. The dictatorship leadership of Adolf Hitler, who really hatedJews made it even worse. Those who are alive today are lucky enoughto have survived and tell us their experience during that depressingperiod.