Negative Message


Dear Sir/Madam,


The latest ratings for the new radio host are out. According to theseratings, it is unfortunate that they are not promising. This isbecause in almost each category, the audience for our ad’s timeslot is below expectations. The only exception is the above 50demographic, which has higher ratings than expected. It is obviousthat the new radio host has affected the ratings. Contrary toexpectations that he would be terrific and result in greater ratings,the opposite has happened. Audiences are keen to issues facingpersonalities like radio hosts, which explain why any controversyassociated with the radio host results in reduced rating. Hence, ifwe continue airing the ads featuring the controversial host, ratingsfor the ads will as well be below expectations. Considering that weplan to use the time slot for launching a new spring campaign, it islikely that the new campaign will not meet its anticipated target.

The poor ratings are for April. The possibility of any improvementmay take time yet we planned to air our ads in May and June. By then,there will be minimal changes in audiences’ perception of the radiohost, which will mean audiences, may not get to hear of the ads. Itis recommended that we hold the ads for now. Because purchase for adtime has already been made, the ads can be pushed to later monthswhen ratings improve. Pushing the ads will also create time tonegotiate with the media on the possibility of having a differentradio host do the ads, or rather change the time slots to a host thathas good ratings.