Tomy understanding, art is a way of expressing an individual’screative skills and imagination, typically in a visual form. It`sexpressed through painting and sculpture, which is later taken to anexhibition for the public do appreciate its beauty. It brings up apublic reaction in different ways, which brings the fun of art. Tasteis different, and each one has a different opinion on the artwork. Sofor those who are against the government funding the art businessdepending on some drawings that they feel are offensive and indecentit’s all about how they interpret the drawing.

TheBest thing about art is meant to create controversy and provokethought of people. It also brings about public participation ondifferent issues triggered and also relate to the artwork, which inturn helpsbuild civic pride. The debate between opposing art fansand the producers of the art together with its lover brings about away for citizens to discuss issues in a civil and collaborating way.That is something the political side requires to understand what inneeded amongst citizens.

Communitiesthat closely relate and appreciate art have public-privatepartnerships with museums or philanthropic groups to assist pay andsupport public art display. It shows that even when the taxpayersmoney is used to pay the art it’s a fair deal because it’s justlike with research and development are supported by the government.It is also a source of livelihood for some people and from thepayments they can sustain themselves.

Forthe once who fill that taxpayer money should not pay for theoffensive, indecent art, it`s because they fill it’s somethingthat’s offending them. What they are giving to the governmentshould not be spent on it. I would support and say taxpayer moneyshould pay for art.