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Thelegendary Johnny Paycheck

JohnnyPaycheck had a big talent that was accompanied by great music thatrocked the American airwaves. Initially by the age of nine, he wasefficient in playing steel and bass guitar. During this time, he sangand performed with various artists as George Jones. Just likeBeethoven, his initial focus was at one sub-genre the honky tonkcountry music(Lockwood).Unlike Beethoven, Paycheck was never contended with his life or thetype of music.

Ithe early 1970s pay Checker transformed his music from honky tonk tooutlaw Country. It is this sub-genre made Checker famous again afterwasting away in west California label-less. Nick hunter tracedChecker after an outburst demand for country music in the USA. Checker did not disappoint he many viewed him as an amalgam talent.Many of his songs expressed his inner feelings and he concentrated onthis genre for over ten years. Just like Beethoven, Checkerconcentrated so much on this genre that he become a lovable looser inthe nation. Checker become a caricater by his hit song “take thisjob and shove it in”, the timing was right and deep in the words ofthe song despite the prevailing recession it was rebellious (Moriss3, 37). Checker songs from 1979 – 1980, reflected the anger he felt forhis cheating wife. The songs were rebellious in nature showing histrue feelings towards his wife and lover. The December of 1985,Checker shoot man and was convicted of murder.

Inconclusion, Checker concentrated on his adopted genre of music forover ten years. The effort was inspirational to new form of genre“soul”. Songs that checker composed like “Old violin”towards the end of his career expressed how he felt.


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