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Nativefood is a mixer of Arabic food cooked together with American foods,which brings out a very delicious meal, which ends up bring theAmericans and the Arabs together. The way every group eats no matterthe kind of food they are having, it states its diversity andhierarchy, at the same time both its oneness and otherness(Jaber, 2010). So for the native food they are different ingredients from differentsocieties, each one of them with a different way of cooking andappreciating their meals.

Fromthe book, the author narrates to us how she used to love herJordanian father cook and enjoyed every bit of the American food too.These sensuously evoked meals she had from the both communitiesilluminated the two cultures and the richness of each one of them. Referring to the book these meals seem to acquire distinct functionsuch as bonding with different people. Food can easily help toidentify an individual, in diverse way in that any given humanindividual constructed, socially, biologically and psychologically bythe food anyone chooses to incorporate. Food also developed aparticular interest in a great way as it grounds the discussion ofpolitical and social issues which end up bring the otherness(Jaber, 2010).Memories of early experience also brings the differences on interestof food, a bad experience will always lower someone’s motivationand interest to have any meal related to what she or he had.

Nativefoods may have their differences which are brought about by peopleowns perceptions of them. Experience can be the cause of otherness onthe meals and also ones background. The family one is brought up in,can also be a primary cause but the author has tried her best tofight that difference of their foods from both communities.

Theethnic groups and cultures are classified differently to theirdoings. It is because a different culture has its way of cookingdepending on where they originate from, their environment andactivities. As for the Arab they have their food prepared in a chillyand spicy way while Americans their foods are oily and junk thisbring about the differences in their foods. The scents of the foodare also different for the two ethnic cultures. (Jaber, 2010) For the Arabs, as she says “it contains mysteries of times, loss,and grief, as well as the promise of journey and rebirth.”(Jaber, 2010)For the American dishes, they are more of luxury than creating aconnection like the Arab food which brings about closeness to people. When having their meals Arabs have it at the same time and eat itfrom one plate making the difference for the Americans. An individualeats from his or her plate, and it doesn’t have to be at the sametime. For this two cultural ethics, otherness is portrayed in diversesituation when food is involved thus creating the differences intheir foods taste, scent and also the mode of cooking.

Americansand Arabs come from very different geographical location this makingthe have very different taste of food and also the methodology ofcooking. It leads to different scents of the food and also taste,which are brought about by different interest and how one is broughtup.


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