Movie Review `12, Angry Men` Number

MovieReview: ‘12,Angry Men


MovieReview: 12,Angry Men

The12Angry Men,is a1957 movie, which is an American drama. The movie became a hitduring its time when it was released. In a nut shell, the movie isabout 12 jurors who were brought together with a trial case that wasin the courts concerning a murder case, and in turn one of themmanaged to convince others that the case wasn’t obvious as itlooked. The case involved a young man who was accused of killing hisfather, and all the 11 jurors` votes for the young boy is guilty,which would have meant an automatic death sentence had the last jurorvoted the same as others. However, he votes otherwise, which brings areview of the case. The movie was classified under the genre of thedrama, with the sub-genre being legal (YouTube,2015).This paper is a movie review with reference to the movie ‘12Angry Men’,answering some given questions.

Themovie is named as 12Angry Men,which is derived from the participation of 12 angry jurors whoengages their viewer in a court session which had looked so obviousto the court. The movie was first presented in April 1957 in theUnited States, receiving critical acclaim in its first airing. Themovie runs for an hour and a half or 90 minutes, which was producedby Orion-NovaProductions Company,but the movie was distributed throughout the regions by UnitedArtists Corp,Company. The movie had different contributed personnel’s towardsits making. The movie was directed by Sidney Lumet as the maindirector, assisted by Donald Kranze as the assistant director(YouTube,2015).

Inaddition to the director, other actors were instrumental in themaking of the movie. These include the 12 jurors in the case as wellas other assisting actors. With reference to the movie, the castgroup includes Fonda Henry, Ed Begley, Cob Lee, E.G. Marshall, WardenJack, Balsam Martin, Fiedler John, Jack Klugman, Edwards Binns,Joseph Sweeney, Voskovec George, and Robert Webber who were all the12 jurors in the case. Other members of the cast team include RudyBond as the judge, James Kelly, the guard, Bill Nelson, the courtclerk, and John Savoca as the defendant (YouTube,2015).

Themaking of the movie 12Angry Menhad several themes which were the key teaching from the movie. One ofthe major themes of the movie is Justice.The movie has elaborated the justice within the American justicesystem through the decision making of the case. From the jurors, theargument is to agree on the base punishment and determine whether theaccused is guilty of the charges. Another theme addressed by themovie is the issue of prejudice,and the issue of oneagainst many, suchas the case of one jury voting against the other 11 jurors. Finally,there is also the theme of father/sonrelationshipas the case in question is about an accused son for killing hisfather (YouTube,2015).

Thedirector wanted the viewers or audiences to be acquitted with thecourt process and the United States justice system. In addition, thedirector wanted the audiences to have ideas of what the country wasgoing through at this time was marked as the transition time, such asthe civil rights movements, and many of the themes played out in thedrama were a replica of what was on the national scene in thecountry.

Differentscenes have been made in the movie, but some have been essential indelivering the theme of the movie to the audience more clearly. Oneof such key scenes is the when the 8thjuror votes not guilty, which is the turning point of the case, andbrings a whole new view of the case in question. In addition, anotherscene that contributed immensely towards the theme, is the scenewhereby all the jurors seem to be in unison that the accused wasguilty, however it turns out one of them is against this unisondecision. This in turn leads to the rest of the movie, which revolvesthrough the arguments of the case as bringing out thejury`s difficulty in reaching a unanimous verdict (YouTube,2015).

Inaddition to scenes, there are as well key characters that are verycrucial in the development of the theme in the movie one of suchcharters is the 8thjuror and the 9th,who despite the rest of jurors agreeing that the accused was guilty,he argues against this. This sets the main section of the movie asthe jurors sit to discuss the guiltiness of the accused, and in turnbringing out the theme of justice (YouTube,2015).

Differentportrayals have different impact to the viewers. One appealingportrayal in the movie to me is the way the case is set anddiscussed, and also how the movie has developed from just a simplecourt case to a whole involving discussion involving the full partiesof the court. However, throughout the movie I couldn’t identifyany unappealing portrayal. One of the things that I learnt fromwatching the movie is the early establishment of the court system thecountry and the judicial plus the justice system. Historically, thecountry was under transition, and hence most of the systems weresomewhat not fully developed or functional. However, the court systemwas well established and the movie shed some light for me about thehistory of the courts in the country.

Yes!I would recommend the movie to someone else. This due to the fact themovie is well organized and the set up as well as the plot areinteresting to follow. In addition, with the way it begins, the movielooks almost certain to have a definite ending, however, things turnsbecoming more interesting to watch. With reference to film classic,the film has a present day lesson such as the evolution of the courtand justice system, in the United States in its current state.


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