Movie Character Health Assessment Presentation STEEL MAGNOLIA

MovieCharacter Health Assessment Presentation: STEEL MAGNOLIA

Theevents that take place in the movie show how M’Lynn’sfamily struggle to take care of their daughter-Shelby-since she isdiabetic. The main focus of the presentation is on Shelby who isdiabetic. The presentation will review chief points of the movie aswell as health assessment of Shelby experience as she struggle withher diabetic condition. Nursing diagnosis and plan of care fromShelby’s family members help improve her condition. Diabetes oftendescribes a group of metabolic diseases in which an individualportrays high levels of blood glucose/sugar this is caused by eitherfailure of the body to respond to insulin in a proper manner or dueto inadequacy in the level of insulin production (Harling, 1988).

Itis of great significance to create platform for dissemination ofsupport, education, and counseling to both victims of diabetics andtheir families so that they can cope well with their conditions,provide diabetic individuals with the opportunities to express howthey feel, their fears, and future expectations, as well as be therewhen such patients grieve in pain in order to encourage and help themimprove their conditions.

Sheindulges in some of the exercises, and nutrition diets in order tokeep fit and be at par with the society. for instance, she takes someorange juice to help her recover from a hypoglycemic sate while atthe saloon preparing for the wedding, she carries on with her routingnursing job despite her ailing condition, she join her family membersin celebrating Christmas, as well as play with her son beforebecoming unconscious and being rushed to the hospital. Likewise sheportrays some patterns of self perception and self concept andindulge relationship pattern. For example, she goes against all oddsand carries her son to terms despite being advised not to have herown child following her diabetic condition, She plays the role ofwife, and takes care of her son and often plays with him. Similarly,she shows signs and patterns of coping and stress tolerance as wellas patterns of values and beliefs. This is clearly indicated when shesticks to her husband despite signs of disapproval from her mother, agrees for kidney transplant, does not regret being married to herhusband even after realizing that he was involved in some criminalactivities prior to their marriage, and has no regrets upon realizingthat the kidney transplant has failed.

Normalassessment findings from this movie incorporates Shelby acts of goingahead and ting pregnant despite knowing the risk associated with hercondition as well as step in accepting a kidney transplant afterbeing diagnosed with a kidney failure. Abnormal assessment findingsinvolve Shelby risking to getting pregnant despite the riskassociated with her condition.

Nursingdiagnosis is appropriate for this movie in order to support andencouragement diabetic individual in an adequate manner. Severalinterventions are helpful for these individuals. For instance,creating platforms for dissemination of support, education, andcounseling to both victims of diabetics and their families so thatthey can cope well with their conditions, providing diabeticindividuals with the opportunities to express how they feel, theirfears, and future expectations, as well as be there when suchpatients grieve in pain in order to encourage and help them improvetheir conditions.

Undeniably,Steel Magnolias enlighten viewers on struggle that patient withchronic illnesses, like diabetes, undergoes. Shelby clearly show howsuch patients feel, their will to live like any other normal humanbeing, as well as their struggles towards overcoming variousobstacles caused by their illness


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