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Iwatched a program by the name Twin Peaks. I noted a number of violentactions in it. In the beginning, a young girl is found dead and herface is full of blood. Another horrifying scene is of two people whoget trapped in a mill as it goes up in flames, after some attackerstrick them. In another section, a police detective is seen lying onthe ground. The culprit behind this is not known and the whole murdercase becomes a mystery. In another situation depicting realviolence, a drug dealer is featured. He is strangled to death takingthe violence in the video a notch higher. This is such a touchingevent for the act is so inhumane. In yet another violent act, twogentlemen rape a lady in such a brutal way. After accomplishing theirmission, they leave the victim to die[ CITATION Mar91 l 1033 ].Thevideo showed that women are at a higher risk of violence than men.This is because men view themselves as being stronger than theirfemale counterparts.

Inbetween the program, there were short commercial breaks that made methink of the issue of sexism. The commercials had a lot of sexinnuendo as well as gender stereotyping. The advertisement fraternitymight be thinking children will not get the message being sent acrossin a hidden manner. On the other hand, they could be so much awarebut want to put the sexism agenda. The first one was The SpiritAirlines “Go down on us”. In the commercial, the words “we areshaving our fares…..go down on us…to the Caribbean” were aclear indication of the underlying message. The oral-sex clunker wasdevised by the Spirit Airlines. In this, the animated advertisementthe airline is passing their information of reducing their price in arather vulgar manner. A razor blade sweeps across a woman’s pelvisphoto shaving the hair. The shaving is meant to insinuate thereduction of the travel cost by the airliners. This jaw droppingadvertisement leaves me wondering whether the young generation willgrow to appreciate what is public and what is private. In anotheradvertisement of the Sony’s Doctors PlayStation, the words used topromote the product are for a totally different setting. It asksquestions such as, if one had done it that day? Whether it wasenjoyable? How many time one did the previous day? This lines cannotbe so coincidental and there is definitely the image they want to becreated in the viewer’s mind.

Myview on the issue of sexism is that, it is the media that causessexism rather than reporting sexism. The media is trying to shape upand our line of thought and ways to perceive things. It is telling usto try all ways and tricks to look younger, skinner, shiner as wellas shave hair in other places. It goes a notch higher to advise us tosmell nicer, to more on cleaning and the list never ends. The massmedia is made to follow and consume the crazy stuff generated andthus ends up being at the receiving end. It therefore evident thatsexism portrayed is a media project and not what is happening on theground.


Thissection focuses on the psychological gender differences thatdifferentiate men from women, chromosomal abnormalities and gene-environment interplay. These are the fields that I have found to bemost interesting in Module 2. I will also look at the applications ofthe three areas in real life.

Firstly,I will focus on psychological gender difference. Women tend tosucceed in interpersonal relationships as well as empathy. They alsotry to minimize as much as possible the likelihood of hostility andconflict. Women do sense threat and aggression from separation whiletheir male counterparts perceive it from intimacy. Females areconsidered abnormal when it comes to repressing aggression. However,men the lack equal degree of affection and sympathy thus making thempossess an aggressive nature. The look at the male-female dichotomyis very crucial in the society. It affects the gender schema due toinformation being processed differently. Men are violent in bothreality and fantasy. This is a sex difference that is greatlyaccepted. [CITATION Mea00 l 1033 ].

Inthe consumer research, there is a gap that can be attributed to amixture of male and female traits in men. Self-confidence is anattribute of men but with the increasing gaining of self-confidence,females are progressing in positions of work force previouslyoccupied by men. Psychological gender differences plays a roles indetermining patterns of purchase and effectiveness of advertising. Italso makes advertising more appealing thus improving on theeffectiveness of the advertising process. The psychological genderdifference goes an extra mile to determine the tone of theadvertisement. This in turn affects, determines the level ofinvolvement as well as the attitude attributed to the brand.[ CITATION Alr82 l 1033 ].

Secondly,the area of chromosomal abnormalities was of interest. Theabnormality does affect the structure or the number of chromosomes.Numerical abnormalities occur if an individual has an extra or morecopies of a chromosome. On other hand, structural abnormalitieshappens when a section of a chromosome has an abnormality. In somecases, chromosomal abnormalities cause the death of the fetus.Moreover, intellectual inability, seizures, cleft Palates as well asheart problems can be attributed to it.

Chromosomalabnormalities cannot be corrected but a number of birth defects arepreventable. This made achievable by taking a chemical substancecalled folic acid. This ensures that there is protection of theneural tubes [ CITATION htt l 1033 ].

Theknowledge of chromosomal abnormalities can be used to study a numberof syndromes commonly in infants. Cri du chat syndrome is one of themthough very rare. In this, part of the 5thchromosome is missing. Low birth weights are the common symptoms of achild suffering from it. Boys suffering from it have undescendedtestes. The problem can even cause the opening of the urethra to bemisplaced (ibid).

Thirdly,I was fascinated by the gene-environment interplay. This looks at theinfluence of environment on genes and the reverse of it. Thisrelationship is delved into to get a better understanding of a numberof phenomena. In the field of genetic epidemiology, the understandingof gene-environment is vital in understanding some disorders. Geneticinfluence can be felt in the traditional behavioral genetic models.There is a new area of research called epigenetics. It looks at thecommon factors that influence the alteration of gene expression.There has been research that is trying to establish the relationshipbetween environmental experiences and the alteration of genetic andbiological mechanism. A study has shown that disruption of in theearly rearing environment can affect the psycho-biological functionsof regulations[ CITATION Kre12 l 1033 ].


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