MN1505 Assignment Analysis of Algorithm Findings MEMO

MN1505Assignment: Analysisof Algorithm Findings



Toall staff of lottery city officials, the analysis of the lotterysystem based on the Bank’s objections are nothing to worry aboutsince the analysis depending on the number generating algorithm usedby our city’s lottery and other cities produces reasonable resultsin a non-repeating manner. The method usually uses five randomnumbers between 1 and 56. The lottery system often determines thewinner by generating five numbers between 1 and 56 and displayingthem on Ping-Pong balls, five numbers match a player’s name winless money. The system was then run on the data collected from thevarious cities and evaluated in the access and assessed in excel aspresented in the table of the spreadsheet and access. The data wasthen estimated and evaluated the Bank’s assumption based on thenumbers he proposed that will determine the winning of the game.

Theballs were also drawn from each city and frequency was determined.The worksheet was then evaluated and tabulated on the spreadsheet.The data analyzed was mainly to prove the system of algorithm eithera sound system for the city lottery to use or not. Many questionswere raised by the system.

Thefirst issue was, does the algorithm produce many unusual ball values?The algorithm provides many unique shot values. The table from theworksheet gives approve that the values from the three cities wasdifferent. These are because the input of selected algorithm wasdifferent due to this the output hence gave many unusual ball values.From the table also it evident that ball’s values give manysignificant values. Ball average ranges 21th-29 this is closely tothe standard range of 27-29. It is due small errors which may haveoccurred from data interchange or overestimating the values. Thisgives a valid hypothesis that the value is significant.

Theother question was, does the algorithm favors the five number Bankssay people should select? This issue is more sophisticated in thesense that the five number proposed by Bank can make one to win thegame. This number includes 48,36,53,12 and 51 in their choice. Thisnumbers from data analyzed these figures does not favor peopleselection. The other players may win the game without selecting themhence it disputes the fact that the Bank’s number supports thepeople to select and win the game. Hence, it is not a must for peopleto choose names proposed by the Robin A. Bank advice. Secondly thewinning is by probability hence it is by chance for the players towin but not must select the number listed by Bank.

Thethird question raised was if the top five values in the other threecities follow my town’s top five patterns. From the data in theworksheet, the values of my town and the values from the other citiesfollow the same trend. The pattern can be therefore described aslinear in the manner they are corresponding. This was so since thecriteria used for selecting data was similar hence the value as ofthe same pattern. Also, randomization of data from a different sourceof every city make the pattern same. Hence, the method is somehowrecommended for the analysis of the data. The most common frequenciesshould be ranging from 71-85, but the analysis of the table tabulatedis almost same the difference is slightly small. This could be anerror that may have occurred due to either recurring of the set dataor interchanging of the data set. This error could not make us ruleout the hypothesis since it is a small error that can be corrected,and analysis calculated efficiently.

Thelast question of concern was the algorithm favors any ball values?The algorithm does not support any values. This is because the ballvalues are independent data cannot be affected by any factor withinthe algorithm. Also the goal of the game is a win or a loss hencethey must be a balanced are not for the player’s to exercise theirskills to play without any bias or favoring anyone. The otherquestion does values repeated across the city lotteries. From theworksheet, the values are repeated not to all the lotteries but somelotteries. We can have some values for example ball1 in the city Alottery similar to city C lottery but not necessary same to city B.this can rule out the fact that the values are repeated across thelotteries. Also, the values are selected in a random manner hence noone is so keen to choose the same values of every lottery.

Fromthe analysis therefore I dispute out doubts of BANK about somefactors like number selection hence this method of analysis is bestfor analyzing the data. At times, we all know error is human whichmight occur but not always hence precise measure can be observedkeenly in carrying out this task of job. One can also use the moresophisticated statistical analysis to perform the procedure ofanalyzing the data sets.


Fromthe facts collected and analyzed in both worksheet and access itgives or lay out an evident fact that algorithm method of analysis isa satisfactory method of analysis. Hence, it is recommending to beused in statistical analysis of the data. I recommend the method tobe used by many lotteries who wishes to analyze statistical facts ofthe data. This method is also cheap and gives a precise result of theoutcome. On top of that, it is also demanding on the time and skilledmanpower who should have known some knowledge in analyzing the data.Other methods can be used in statistical analysis of the set data,but algorithm approach is the best one should use. It will depend onthe interest of the company to decide which method to apply providedthe output is desired is obtained at the long run. Hence, all methodsare suitable to be applied.