Memorable Minute



It felt so bad that she was going for a five months holiday at theCoastal Marines. The gap between us is going to be wide yet I am usedto seeing her on a weekly basis. Strong emotions filled my heart andcould feel like someone hurt by a serious event. “I am a gentlemanand must show her am not depressed” I told myself. But the feelingsof true love are divine. Rarely will you hind them. In my silentroom, I tried going through some leaflets as I had an exam in thenext two days but could not concentrate at all. All I was thinkingwas is she going to be loyal while there? Will she remember meagain? What will happen in case she gets another guy? I really don’twant to lose her. She is the love of my life and means the world tome.

The Central Marines was always associated with leisure and pleasureand very few who went there returned to their places the same personsthey left yet is the place my fiancée is going for her vacation. Itwas really hurting deep down but how could I prevent? The time of herdeparture came and I saw her off to the airport. I could read hermind and tell she was in the same feelings I was in as the moment Iwaved goodbye, tears rolled down her checks uncontrollably, unable toutter a single word to me. This was the hardest moment I everexperienced and is the time I realized I truly loved Liz.

Weeks passed and every day my night grew longer. Despite the factthat we were charting and calling each other on daily basis, I wasnever satisfied. I really need to see her. After two months, I couldno longer withstand my feelings and therefore decided pay her avisit. She was staying in her sister’s house but little did Ibother about it. All I needed was to have her close to me. She didnot object my idea, and therefore they cordially welcomed me onarrival.

After resting for a while, we went out to have some fun at thebeach. All this time she looked extremely jovial which made me feellike I was in a golden world. Having her by my side is all I wantedbut little did I know she had an affair with another man. Two days ofmy stay, the guy called. At first she was confused whether to pick itor not. I had noticed earlier she put her phone in silent mode ordiverted calls but did not question why. Everyone has her style ofliving though I was being tormented inside. She received the call andwalked some few miles from where we were seated. Why can’t shereceive the call here? I asked myself. Is there something fishy sheis hiding?

I decided to trace the call secretly because I was not comfortableat all. The next time he called, she could not walk out and thus sheignored it. Questioning why she did that the only thing she said wasthat the person had nothing meaningful to tell. He called four othertimes and now I made up my mind to receive the cal though it was notright. A strong voice responds “where is the owner and who areyou?” I cut the call without responding then turn to her. “Tellme the truth of guy” I insisted. She starts contradicting herselfwith so many words that had no flow. This is the time I realized shewas cheating on me.

Dumfounded with anger, I picked my bag and left. She cried outpleading for forgiveness claiming that she was not playing norcheating on me but I was not ready to listen to anything aftersacrificing all my time and effort. Back in my small room, my heartwas burning. How dare Liz do this for me? At one point I thought ofblacklisting her in my phone but what good will it does me? It willonly worsen the situation because I was still feeling somethingstrange for her. I fought hard to remove her from my heart but it wasnot easy. I made up my mind never to pick her calls but this was evenmore tormenting. In the evening, she calls and I ignore the call.Flow of texts follows but I respond to none. What follows is thatafter two days, relaxed on the sofa watching movie, I hear a knock atthe door. On opening, guess who I encounter with.

Still on my sad moods, I don’t want to see her and almost closedback the door but she push it hard and entered. “I never meant tohurt you” she starts crying. This was no time for drama and I hadto avoid small embarrassments from neighbors. I let her in and lockthe door. After minutes of tears, she was sober again and pleadedthat I listen to her story. I did not want to because I thoughteverything between me and she had come to an end yet removing herfrom my heart was so hard. The more I ignored her the more shepleaded. “Man is to error, and so anyone else” a voice told meinside.

Feeling strong again, I gave her chance to explain everything. Ionly over reacted upon her situation and she was actually not in lovewith the man as they had known each other through a friend she metwith at the Marine. I felt so embarrassed with my reaction. Havingleft Coastal Marine before the end of her vacation gave me assurancethat Liz was my type. I made up my mind to always treasure her andthat I should never jump to conclusions or judgments before gettingthe root cause of an event.