Medical Marijuana



It has recently come to attention that cannabis can be used formedical purposes from clinical experiments carried out as well asresearch on its effectiveness. Research and studies indicates thatMarijuana can be used for the treatment of wider range of healthcomplications such as tumors neurological conditions as well asimmune disorders more effectively than pharmaceutical drugs(Alexander et-al., 2009).Therefore, medical specialists have been given the right to prescribeuse of Marijuana to patients and are protected by the firstamendment. However, it is illegal for doctors to encourage patientsto get the drug as some of them may misuse it. It is thereforeadvisable that before prescribing the drug to patients, itsadvantages and disadvantages should be discussed first.

Studies further indicates that cannabis is useful to cancer patientsas it eases the symptoms of cancer like loss of appetite, nausea,pains and weight loss. Also, the drug is said to have tumor reducingProperties as well as anti cancer agents (Alexanderet-al., 2009). It eliminates brain cancer, breast cancer,liver cancer and leukemia through killing the cells and tumorsassociated with the disease. It helps in mood improvement as well asreducing anxiety and depression. Legalization of the cannabis iseffective since it has been proved that smoking is not harmful tohealth. No single death has been associated with its usage as it hasno effect on physiological functions.

However, despite its effectiveness, the medical illegality makes thedrug availability to be a great problem. It therefore forces patientsto deal with illegal drug dealers to access it which is a criminaloffence. Smoking is harmful to health as it may pose serious lunginfection. To solve this problem, doctors have come up withalternative usage of marijuana in the form of sprays and capsules(Alexander et-al., 2009).Given that the drug’s pros pursue the cons in promoting health, itsusage should be legalized.


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