Media Interviews Suze Orman on `Sunday Morning` at CBS

MediaInterviews: Suze Orman on ‘Sunday Morning’ at CBS


MediaInterviews: Suze Orman on ‘Sunday Morning’ at CBS

Thispaper is a reports a recent television interview. On April 12, 2015,10: 52, Anthony Mason (the host) of a Sunday Morning Program onColumbia Broadcasting System (CBS) held an interview in which hesought the opinion of Suze Orman (the guest speaker) about the ‘Moneyissue”. Sunday Morning is a weekly program at CBS in which thehost devotes his talks to finance, business, entrepreneurship, amongother means by which US citizens spend, make and invest their money.With an objective of creating awareness on financial matters, theguest was carefully selected in order to provide substantial insightson tips on how to stay out of trouble related to financial crises.Suze Orman is an American author with vast skills and experience infinancial advisory, motivational speaking as well as televisionhosting. She has worked for several firms earning her several awards.Therefore, these attributes made her a potential guest for the topic.

Asa typical viewer, there are a number of things I learnt from theinterview. For instance, I learnt that an interview schedule is quitea complex and demanding process. Although a number of people claimthat talk is cheap, whatever subject under discussion, how the topicis designed and presented bear a significant impact (Bell &amp VanLeeuwen, 1994). That is, how the host lays emphasis on the questions(for example the stress) as well as how the guest responds impact onthe media message. Moreover, I also learnt that both verbal andnon-verbal cues come into play during the interview process.

Myanalysis of the interviewee suggests that she scored highly on style.To begin with, she showed excellent communication skills. Forexample, she demonstrated good listening skills while the interviewerasked questions. Moreover, she desisted from cutting the host shortapplied the principle of tongue-taking. Also, she used relativelysimple and precise English that typical viewers could easilyunderstand (Bell &amp Van Leeuwen, 1994). Furthermore, shecapitalized on body language by maintaining eye contact, applyingappropriate gestures, among other cues. Finally, the intervieweemanaged her emotions effective.

Besidesstyle, I also argue that Orman excelled in substance. In particular,given her vast skills in financial matters, she was adequatelyequipped with abundant knowledge on money matters. She providedexcellent tips that could help one avoid financial related crises.Nonetheless, she supported her claims with relevant facts and clearexamples enhancing the integrity of her work (Bell &amp VanLeeuwen, 1994).

Onthe other hand, the host also did a good job. As a long-servingsenior correspondent for business and economics for CBS news, Antonywas knowledgeable about the topic at hand. Therefore, he pausedrelevant questions in a simple and precise manner. Also, he waseloquent, a good listener and gave his guest ample time to advanceher arguments.

Inconclusion, it is prudent to note that given her excellentcommunication skills, ability to manage her emotional feelings,capacity to use body language appropriately and her simple andprecise English, Orman did an overall good job during the interviewschedule. In addition, her knowledge of financial matters, particularher arguments supplemented by empirical facts and appropriateexamples made the subject communicate the messages. This was alsofacilitated by Anthony’s excellent interview skills as well as hisample knowledge on business and economics.


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