McDonald`s Makes Ronald a Health Ambassador

McDonald`sMakes Ronald a Health Ambassador

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Themain argument presented in the paper is the way the criticizedcompany will use their character in push for fitness in schools.Ronald stresses on the need to reduce obesity in schools by givingthe children the best diet among the school children. He is also wellpositioned enough to achieve the strategy since he has the experiencefrom being an ambassador in the balanced lifestyle.

StrategiesThat the Author Uses To Support His Argument and How the StrategiesSupport the Claim

Inconjunction with other companies, Ronal has the surety of ensuringthat fitness in schools becomes a dream true among the pupils. Forinstance, there is the incorporation of the PepsiCoInc that in this case distributes the educational materials to theelementary school s with a target of about three million students(Sweet,2009 pg.226).A scenario related to this incidence is the March activity where thecompany managed to distribute beverages and snacks to about 15,000middle schools all over the country.

Organizationof the Reading Selection and Whether It Makes the Argument Persuasive

Ronald’sinitiative to include the fitness campaign programs in schools hasthe prime purpose of ensuring that the students in schools remainobesity free. For this reason, the essence of this article seemspersuasive because of the health campaign it has among the youngstudents to live good life without the effects of the obesity(227).Similarly, the article urges thorough the author’s arguments urgesthe students to eat well balanced diet that in this case would ensurethat the students do not suffer from the effects of malnutritionamongst them

Accordingto Ronald, it is not the duty of the students alone to ensure thatthey seek the best diet with the objective of leading an obese freelife. F or this reason, the ambassador also asks the foodmanufacturing companies to also ensure that they incorporate themanufacture of the food products that contains all the nutrients.Such instances would ensure that the students who prefer the alreadyprepared meals get the immediate meals that have the right nutrientswith them and consequently escaping the effects of obesity.Additionally, such students would also grow to be fit.

Assumptionson Which the Argument is Based

Forthe campaign to be a success , the argument assume that there will betotal cooperation from all the stakeholders in the campaign towardsensuring that the students receive the bests diet for making themgrow fit. For instance, the argument has an assumption that theparents would be at the forefront of e ensuring that they make forthe kids the right meals with the correct diet proportions that inthis case would make the kids grow less obese and as a result bephysically fit. Another assumption is that the teachers in theschools would educate the students on the value of being physicallyfit and how top practice it (227). Teachers are always with the kidsaccording to Ronald as a result should guide the students on thecorrect meals they should take. The instance here however, coversmostly the boarding students. Last assumption is that the companyshould also play part their by manufacturing those food products thatincorporates all the nutrients. Consequently, it would assist thosestudents not able to cook in getting the immediate meals with thecorrect diet.


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