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LeeIococca is a renowned person in the automobile industry havingcommenced his career in Ford Motor Corporation’s Engineeringdepartment and shifted to the sales and marketing. He later joinedChrysler Corporation having made his name in the Ford Corporation. Inhis career tenure, he was able to turn around corporations he workedfor making impact in both sales volumes and revenues. He was able torevive Chrysler despite being near bankruptcy.

Hestates that organization with better distribution and services willtake all the marbles to mean that companies that provide betterservices and products will be able to control a greater, if not all,proportion of the market. While at Chrysler, he created a trademarkphrase, “If you can find a better car, buy it” to indicate bestquality and services should have more customers[ CITATION Ece12 l 1033 ].The statement is correct since better services tend to attract manycustomers as they are willing to purchase products that are ofgreater quality as they are associated with durability and class[ CITATION Sch10 l 1033 ].

Distributionis a marketing aspect which focuses mainly on enabling consumersobtain goods from the manufacturer or producer. It results in a chainof people who basically try to make the products accessible andavailable to the consumers[ CITATION Aze11 l 1033 ].An efficiency distribution channel resultto various factors such as loyalty of customers, availability at therequired time, effective delivery without unnecessary lag periods[ CITATION Fra14 l 1033 ].Efficiently distributed products have lower prices than those whichhave complex and lengthy distribution channel. Reducedprices of products results to increased consumer volume henceincrease sales revenue.

Lee’sstatement of best distribution and service will take all the marbleis factual and true. Marbles, in this case, could mean consumers orrevenue.


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