Management Skills


Question One

The Manager on Duty should haveemployed three approaches, and they are:

  1. Offer the irate woman a seat to relax: At first sight, the Manager on Duty should have ensured that the guest was relaxed and not confused about the whole situation. Give her the necessary peace of mind so that an effective communication would be established. The MOD was supposed to maintain eye contact with the irate client. However, this was to be done in a way that would not scare away or intimidate the client.

  2. Maintain a soft low tone: The MOD should have used a soft non-intimidating voice so that the client was satisfied with the communication and the whole situation. An argument is likely to result in a conflict that would ruin the reputation of the ocean resort. Hence, the customer should be given top priority in all cases except when he/she is wrong.

  3. Conduct a thorough search: Together with the other room attendants, the MOD should have conducted a thorough search into the rooms. This is an approach that is aimed at ensuring that the jewelry was missing as the client supposedly said. A second search would lead to the second step, which is calling and informing the police that a theft case had occurred. The police would then conduct an investigation that would otherwise make the client satisfied.

Question Two

If I was theManager on Duty, I would have taken the steps below, to gather therelevant information from the guest:

  1. Promising her: I would be patient enough and listen to the client so keenly so that I would create a mutual relationship between me and her. Therefore, I would try in as much as possible to guarantee her that her jewelry was available, maybe she had misplaced it. The situation should not go out of hand whatsoever.

  2. Ask the client a few questions: I would try to find out if maybe there was a third party into the room perhaps a family or even a friend of the elderly woman. This strategy is a possible lead since the elderly woman was checked into the resort for a wedding party. Hence, other family members might also have been present at that particular time.

  3. Call up the specific room attendant: The room attendant that was assigned to the old South Wing room might make a good connection to the lost jewelry case. Room attendants are given the privilege to clean the rooms and confirm that the guests are comfortable within their stay. The room attendant might be questionable and offer relevant information to the police officers.

  4. Employ a language translator: Since the elderly woman was finding it harder to communicate, I would bring in a language translator that knew how to speak and effectively communicate in Italian and English. This measure can instill confidence in the client and be able to convey all the information needed for the investigations. In the ocean resort case, there was a barrier in communication that might have hindered the accuracy of the investigations that would end up in finding the jewelry. In the future, I will employ attendants who can speak different international languages and handle all types of customers.

Question Three

I would have calledthe police officers. Theft cases are so sensitive. Hence, any slightmisunderstanding between the client and the management can lead toserious eventualities. For instance, the client may end up abandoningher stay in the room and affect the resort operations in terms of thereturns that are expected to be realized in the every quarterly year.The police are adequately trained in the investigation of theftcases, and thus their experiences and training in this field canbring meaningful results to this case. The elderly woman is likely tocalm down if the police are involved other than the managementitself. Since she might consider that the management is biased in itsoperations and handling of the situation.

Client dissatisfaction can lead to a chain of other clients toabandon the resort. Therefore, maintaining one client is a move thatwould guarantee perpetuated growth of this investment.

Question 4

NO. Theproperty does not follow the best procedure in storing and protectingthe guest valuables. For instance, in the old South Wing rooms wherethe elderly woman was residing, the locks on the sliding glass werebroken. So it was impossible to lock her room completely. Inaddition, there were no safes in the room. All these poor measuresare likely to result into theft cases.