Management Skills


SkillDevelopment Task 1: Get to know Google Drive

Overviewof the Steps taken

Googledrive offers cloud storage services allowing clients to create, editand store various types of file. For the current task, the first taskwas to create a Google drive account. After setting up the account, Iclicked on the create button which is usually red in color. Thisrevealed a drop down menu with a couple of options including folder,document, presentation, spreadsheet and presentation. The first itemI created was a folder. This was simply done by clicking on thefolder icon on the drop down menu. This was followed by naming of thefolder, which was the final step in creating of the folder. Thesecond item to create was a Google document. Clicking on the documenticon on the drop down menu opened a black document, ready for typing.After typing the document, I was able to save it in the folder that Ihad previously created.


Anumber of problems were encountered during the current task. Theinternet was quite slow, meaning that it took a while for the webbased Google drive application to load. Additionally, I wasunfamiliar with the whole process of creating folders and documentson the application. However, it was quite easy to overcome thischallenge since it just required familiarity with the basic worddocuments and files. Additionally, the whole process was quitestraightforward since it only required one to click on an icon on thedrop down menu for the required item to be created.

Howthe Tool can be used

Googledrive offers cloud storage services, meaning that both individualsand organizations can utilize it to store important data. Individualswho can use the services include students, researchers as well astutors. Students can utilize the Google drive services to store theirassignments, projects, e-books as well as pdf files. The documentscan easily be accessed from any device and any place around theworld, thus giving the students an opportunity to have theirimportant documents everywhere they go. The same applies for lecturesand researchers. The application also allows for quick sharing of thesaved files and documents, meaning that researchers as well aslectures can easily share their documents with other researchers andwith their students respectively.

Thetool is important for both personal and collaborative use. Thecollaboration tools that come along with the application is whatbasically keeps it ahead of other cloud services providers. It makesit possible for individuals who are geographically separated to workon a project at the same time. Individuals can share documents andmake changes on them at the same time. This means that organizationscan utilize the various tools it offers for virtual teams. The toolalso offers third party applications including ones that allow peopleto edit photos, make sketches, and build 3D models among many others.For organizations, Google drive can be utilized to synchronizeorganizational data. This would require application to be downloadedon the computers or Smartphones. Additionally, it allowsorganizations to take advantage of the in built file viewers. Thissaves organizations the time and resources required to install thirdparty file viewers on their systems. Additionally, the integration ofGoogle drive with other Google services makes it more user friendly.

SkillDevelopment Task 9: Inforgraphics

Overviewof the steps taken

Inforgraphicsare graphical visual representation of data or information. The mainaim of using infographics is to simplify the presentation of complexdata or make the information more clear. For the current task, thePiktochart tool was utilized to create the inforgaphic. The firststep involved opening the piktochart website after which an accountwas created. After creation of the account, the inforgraphic templatewas selected out of the four inforgraphic templates on the homescreen. Selecting the infographics template revealed a number ofthemes. After selecting the desired theme, the next step involvedselection and configuration of the canvas. After that, the text ofthe content was edited. This was followed by addition of graphicsinto the content. This was done by selecting the graphics option thatappeared on the left panel. After adding graphics, data visualizationwas inserted into the content. The final step involved saving of theinforgraphic and downloading.


Oneof the challenges encountered in creating the inforgraphic was theselection of the most appropriate theme. The many themes availablerequired close scrutiny in order to identify the most appropriate onefor the topic being discussed. Some of the factors that were takeninto consideration during the theme selection procedure include thetype of data or information that was being presented as well as thenature of the audience. Apart from that, it was quite challenging todecide on the type of graph as well as data visualization to includein the inforgraphics. This challenge was overcome by selecting themost appropriate graph and visualization tools that based matched theinformation being presented. Apart from that, the whole process tooka considerable amount of time. Another challenge that was encounteredwas identifying the appropriate images to utilize in theinforgraphics. Care was taken to ensure that no copyrighted or poorquality images were used.

Howthe Tool can be used

Overthe past few years, different firms and individuals includingbloggers as well as teachers have increased their utilization ofinforgraphics. Organizations are increasing utilizing them as adigital marketing strategy. Not only can they be applied in promotionof products, services and brands, but they are also utilize tohighlight important findings or raise awareness about certain keyissues. Infographics can also be used to teachers to presentinformation to students in an easy and clearer way. Managers in anorganization can also utilize the tool during presentations topresent complex organizational data to the stakeholders. Apart fromthat employees within the organization can also use inforgraphsduring presentations to the management. An organizations credibilityas well as traffic can also be boosted using inforgraphics. Comparedto plain text, they are more engaging and easy to remember.Additionally, using infographics gives the users an opportunity toshowcase their knowledge and understanding of the topic beingdiscussed

Inforgraphicsthat have been well designed and which contain appropriate facts caneasily spread over the internet. Organizations can thus utilizeinforgraphics to increase their popularity over the internet bygiving writers and bloggers in general something to discuss about.Inforgraphics can also be utilized as a recruiting tool.Organizations have realized that inforgraphics can be used toadvertise the specific skills they require and to give additionalinformation about the organization in order to attract pontentialemployees. Additionally, they can be used to simplify and presentsurvey data collected by a firm or an individual. Survey data presentthrough inforgraphics is often easy to understand and for meaning tobe easily drawn from the data. Apart from presentation of data andcomplex information, inforgraphics can also be utilized by inventorsor entrepreneurs to explain how a new product they are introducinginto the market works.

Task2-Online Survey

Overviewof the steps taken

Forthis task, two short surveys were created and piloted among fiveindividuals. The first was done with Google forms and the second wasa short survey tool, Survey Monkey. The first task is done usingGoogle forms which creates survey and analyzes them for free. Thefirst step was to go to Google forms and create one.

Whencreating form from the documents, we proceed to the On the top left side one clicks on New button.Scroll through the “More” tab option and then choose GoogleForms. The new form that is to be used automatically opens calledUntitled Form. In the form I will begin by adding the title of theform to give a description of the survey, “Employee Appraisal. Nextis to proceed to the question which is written on the question titlebar, “What Motivates Employees?” The help text follows which isused as a guide in answering the question. I select the type ofquestion like multiple, scale, grid or even checkboxes. I will sendthe form, share with respondents for survey.

Thesecond task was to create a survey using Survey Monkey. I began bysigning up for free. Survey Monkey is a used to create surveys in aquestion format template. After signing up for free I created thefirst survey by clicking on “Create Survey” and then proceeded togive my survey a title and brief instructions. I went ahead and addedquestions in different sections with different question types. Anexample below demonstrates the Survey.


Forsurvey monkey, the free sign up account does not allow for numerousquestions. The use is also complex. Additionally, while using basicsurvey not more than 10 questions can be used in one survey. Theresponses that can be collected are limited to 100 responses.Further, I was not able to download the survey results.

HowTools can be used

Throughthe forms, organizations can use them to carry out managementperformance survey. Such surveys are important in helping to overseethe management team at the organization. Thus, the surveys help inunderstanding how employees are working ensuring that the workers areunder effective leadership. Through such surveys created by Googleforms and SurveyMonkey, the improvements to be done in the work placecan be discovered.

Further,the surveys are used in management to help appraise and evaluate themanagement team on a number of tasks. Through the surveys, themanagement and other stakeholders are able to gauge whether thesupervisors or individuals in senior positions are approachable.Further, the interaction level can be gauged and this helps inunderstanding the horizontal and vertical relations in work places.In general, the surveys are used in understanding the leadership ofthe company.

Inmarketing management, the managers use the surveys when launching anew product or commodity. They do this through gauging the impact ofa new commodity in the market or even an ad campaign. This helps themanagement make effective and smart decisions. Through the surveysthe management, get insights on the consumer habits, test newconcepts and measure brand awareness or use it to assess the marketsize.

Themanagement is uses the surveys to detect customer satisfaction.Through the surveys, the management is able to gauge the happiness ofthe customers. This ultimately help in comprehending whether thecompany is doing well and whether the management is useful in theprocess.

ProjectManagement-Task 10: Trello

Overviewof Steps taken

Inthis task we shall explore the use of project management software,Trello. In this software, the main methods used in this software areKanban a project management system developed by former vice presidentof Toyota. It helps in creation of a visual appeal to where theproject development has reached.

Overview of Steps Taken

First,the launching of a site will begin for use of the software. The nexttask entails creation of a card for the major tasks to be undertaken.The tasks are then organized in lists and then the lists are combinedin one or more master “boards” that are found in specific URLsthat can be shared. From then, working as a team, we are able tocomfortably and regularly re-prioritize the project delegation inevery monthly meeting or even weekly kickoff.


Whileusing Trello, one of the challenges that I encountered is that thereis no concept of getting concepts done. One each and every time hasto revert to creating card stacks that are just meant for status andthis in essence usually may not match the organization in mind.Additionally, it is hectic to move between projects owing to thesegmentation of the boards as compared to software such as Asana. Inshort, the tool proves to be a challenge in allowing for userflexibility so that customers are able to customize their individualneeds.

HowTools can be used

Inmanagement, Trello is used mainly because of its capability toprovide lists. The managers and workmates in a team enjoy theversatility that comes with the platform it offers. Managers, forinstance, can use the tool to manage a list of groceries or evenbooks or even schedule how tasks are to be executed.

Managementof online campaigns is made easier by Trello through differentfeatures. The tools in the end enables them satisfy the experienceof the user. The easy navigation system in Trello is just superb andallows clients and the company projects to have boards which alsoharbor a customized list with the schedule or list of to-do cards.The software allows the management to have a close relationship withthe client such that when the management looks at the client they areable to reflect and see through all the tasks they are working on.This enatils, the things they are planning to work on as well as theitems that they have completed. Thus the individual cards are justgreat and thus totally functional! Through the cards, the managementis able to set due dates, create a checklist, classify and label thetask and finally assign team members different roles as per theredescriptions.

Trellois essential in management as it allows for cross-platformintegration. It works and forms collaboration with other tools thatare used for management of documents, calendar as well as time.Through this, the processes that are carried out by management aredone in a smooth manner. Further, the notification set-ups that comewith the software is integral in realization of any addition done onthe cards.

SkillsDevelopment task 11: Website Creation


Overthe past few years, websites have become essential part of anybusiness. Many professionals such as musicians, preachers, actors andmodels have their own websites where they showcase their skills andmarket their merchandise. Owning a website has become relativelycheap compared to past years. In this task, a website was createdusing wordpress. The first step involved registering hosting anddomain name. Since it was a basic website, the website was hosted forfree on wordpress servers. The next step involved downloading of theWordpress software to my computer’s hard drive. After downloadingthe software the folder with the wordpress files was opened. Afile named wp-config-sample.phpwas searched and opened in a text editor after which the databasedetails were typed in. After filling in all the details, the file wassaved and closed. This was followed by uploading of the files thewordpress servers. The wordpress was them installed after the uploadwas done. After installation, the website was set up and onlyrequired editing of themes. This was followed by editing of the blogadmin area and eventually the setting of themes and adjusting ofgeneral web settings.


Themain of creating the website was to achieve the right reaction fromthe right audience. One of the challenges encountered while settingup the website was to ensure that it is accessible to as many peopleas possible. To overcome this challenge, it was necessary to designthe site in such a way that anyone who wished to use it had equalaccess to the features, information as well as functionality of thewebsite. Another challenge was to make the website as navigable aspossible. It is important for any website to be designed is such away that users can easily find information that they are looking for.

Howthe Tool can be used

Aspointed out earlier, websites play a important role for the successof an organization and even professionals. Websites can be used as asource of information to current and potential customers. Customerscan find information about the latest products as well as promotionsor incentives on a company’s website. Additionally, some websitesincorporate e-commerce where customers are able to directly purchaseproducts or services through the website. Companies’ also provideinformation about the firm’s history, mission and visions, socialresponsibility among others. Websites can also be utilized bycompanies’ to increase the customer base as well as the popularityof the firm to suppliers as well as distributors. Websites can alsobe utilized firms and professionals to increase their globalpresence. It facilitates the global audience to be reached.