Management and Chemistry Assignment

Managementand Chemistry Assignment



Theconcept of competitive advantage is important to strategic managementbecause it will help drive the company to success. The managementusually needs to find out means of how to beat its competitors. Inorder for a firm to achieve a successful turnaround strategy, thethree generic strategies that were proposed by Michael Porter shouldbe applied (Laberis, 2010). These threestrategies include differentiation, overall cost of leadership andfocus.

Therelationship between the five forces and three generic strategies isthat the five forces are used to regulate the profitability in anindustry. However, companies that uses different strategic willachieve better performance because the generic strategies are used toboost the overall organization performance (Sheshunoff,2009).


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Brandingrefers to the ability to negate the consumer’s need to seekinformation this is to make sure that whenever such a need arises,it should the consumer back to the brand that has been satisfying himin the past. Sony Ericsson has its operations in number of countries.Sony Ericsson too suffered a huge loss due to this crash, but itspolicies and strategies survived the shut-down of the business(Braithwaite, and MacKay, 2010). The main strong point of the companywas providing a huge number of mobile gadget products at a verycompetitive price. The initial building blocks that rapidly enhancethe competitive edge of the online marketing companies are framedfrom the availability of basic developmental structure initiatedvaryingly in order to enhance the customized service provision in awell-developed customer interactive network. The implementation ofSony Ericsson marketing strategies is factored from the ways in whichits brands are built. The key objective in enhancing the marketingperspective is to build an enhanced brand that has complex modelswhich can be converted satisfactorily into a certain level ofcompleteness (Johnson and Scholes, 2012). This is aided by theproduct break cycles and the potential quality management features.


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Wateris considered ubiquitous and necessary for life on our planet becausein humans water acts as both delivery mechanism and solvent, whichhelp in the dissolution of important nutrients and vitamins from thefood ingested and delivers it for various functions. However, thereare common chemical contaminants of municipal water supplies thataffect the quality of water that is supplied (Kapfèter, 2005). Forexample, from my country the common chemical contaminants ofmunicipal water supplies are Heterotrophic plate count, bromated,Cryptosporidium andChlorite. These contaminants contain microorganisms that affect thehealth condition of humans. In line with all these, access to cleanwater should be a basic human right because water that is not cleanmight lead to death which also violates “the right to life”clause of human rights (Gonzalez and Richards, 2004).


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Chemicalspeaking soap is a combination of potassium salt or sodium that canbe got from oil or fat by reacting them by the use of alkali likepotassium hydroxide at 80.0 to 1000Cin a chemical reaction known as saponification (Asock,2005).

fat+ NaOH —&gt glycerol + sodium


Whenthey are both heated

CH2—OH–CH—OH–CH2–OH(glycerol) + 3 R-CO2–Na(soap) R= (CH2)14CH3

Inthis chemical process there are several observations that can bemade. For example, soap molecule usually has polar and non-polarproperties which act as emulsifier, which at the time of the reactionan observation can be made on the way one liquid is immersed toanother (Tarendash, 2007).


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Chlorinegas is first synthesized from a chemical reaction of hydrogen fromsyn-gas and hydrogenation processes ethane from methane andhydrogen vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) from air removal of odorsfrom gases recovery of solvent vapors removal of SOxandNOxpurification of helium clean-up of nuclear off-gases decolorizingof syrups, sugars and molasses water purification, including removalof phenol, halogenated compounds, pesticides, caprolactam, chlorine(Tarendash, 2007). The possibility of adsorption may have a big rolein the future technologies in environment and energy is very high dueto this very unique advantage. An example of performing difficultseparations by use of sorbents with very low factors of separation isthe simulated technology of moving-bed (Winer,2011).The commercially generic sorbents available are very few and arebeing used in the adsorption processes currently.


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Theatoms on the surface usually have some remains of molecular forceswhich are not satisfied by neighboring atoms. The adsorbents havevery high value of total surface available for molecular adsorptiontherefore these components are highly porous solids. Small ionicradii and high valences cat-ions would consequently bring aboutstrong interactions. On the pore surfaces, also, the targetedmolecules interact with other atoms. However, these interactions aresecondary but vital too. The selection of a sorbent design issophisticated process because the same time the process by which thesorbent is used should also be considered. Strong bonds foradsorption are needed for ultra purification.


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Thisis because the four-member rings of the sodalite units can also belinked through four-member prisms, as shown in Figure 7.1(b), whichis Type A zeolite. The unit cell of Type A zeolite, as shown in thisfigure, contains 24 tetrahedra, 12 A1O4 and 12 SiO4. When fullyhydrated, 27 water molecules are contained in the central cage orcavity (also called super cage) of the unit cell, and in the eightsmaller sodalite cages. The free diameter in the central cavity is11.4 A° , which is entered through six 8-member oxygen-ringapertures with an unobstructed diameter of 4.4 A° . There are 12negative charges that are balanced by cat-ions in each unit cell. Themost probable locations for the cat-ions are indicated in Figure7.1(d). Type I is at the center of the six-member ring (with a freediameter of 2.8 A°, which is approximately the dimension of water)and thus sits at one of the eight corners of the cavity. Type II isat the eight-member aperture directly obstructing the entrance.


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