Love and Hope in 3 Works


Loveand Hope in 3 Works

Loveand Hope in 3 Works

Duringwar and conflict, love plays a significant role in uniting thefighters and connecting them to the country as well as their people.In the same way, the hope for a better outcome of the war is thedrive that carries the fighters, the country and the people theyleave at home. These are the main elements of human life that comeout in KhaledHosseini’s“AThousand Splendid Suns”, Graham Greene’s “The End of TheAffair” and Wilfred Owen’s “Strange Meeting.”

In“AThousand Splendid Suns”, Hosseini presents hope for Tariq’sfamily that picks up the picks after a war comes in Afghanistan andleaves the place bombarded by rockets (Hosseini,2009).As a sign of love for the family, Tariq and family leave the warringAfghanistan in the hope for a better life and future. On thisjourney, they leave great feelings of love as Tariq and Laila werelovers. As they say goodbye, they make love, leaving each other withhope that one day they will meet and live together. Laila is notlucky as her loved ones are killed before the family travels. Despitethe injury that Laila gets into the war, she gets a glimpse of hopeas she realizes the she is pregnant (Hosseini,2009).The pregnancy that comes from the war ravaged country marks a sign ofhope for both Laila and Tariq as well as for the country.

In“TheEnd of The Affair” Greene presents love through the relationship ofBendrix and Sarah. As the two live in a war ravaged country, theyhope that their relationships will be better. While they are in arelationship, Bendrix maintains hope that Sarah can divorce Henry(Greene,2012).However, Henry and Sarah still hope that they will get away from thewar and he will be able to get the children. After a survival from anattack, Sarah divorces her lover and ends the love. However, they donot get to live together with Bendrix despite being in love. On oneside, Sarah hopes that she will see Bendrix again, which is the samehope that Bendrix has. In the ending, Bendrix gets to know Godthrough the miracles that happen after Sarah’s death.

In“StrangeMeeting,”Owen presents a case of a bloody battle that kills many people.During the war, Owen sees a lot of hopelessness, but indicates asource of hope in friendship. Owen calls the situation of war as ahopeless circumstance that had no chance of hope (Owen,2002).However, he shows hope to the wounded soldier. According to Owen,there were many who were clogged with blood together with theirchariots. He would go and wash them (Owen,2002).This was the action that would show the love for the wounded and givehope for all of them.

Thethree pieces of literature present different scenarios of war andconflict. Through the conflict, love relations are separated andhopelessness sets into the lives of characters involved. However,love brings hope to the society when people genuinely mean to beaffectionate to their loved ones and country. In “StrangeMeeting,”Owen shows the actions of one person in restoring hope while in the“TheEnd of The Affair” the author shows the importance of love.Moreover, the authors show the difference that hope makes to thepeople and the society.


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