Life Obstacle-My parent’s Divorce

Being the first born in a family of three, the burden ofresponsibilities was always on and sometime the going would getreally tough. However, the family was always together and there waslots of love, care and sense of security. My parents loved us andthey gave us almost anything that we wanted, and life was good. Beingdriven to and from school every day was a privilege that we enjoyedvery much, not to mention going for summer holidays at different fundestinations. We all wished that life would remain like that foreveror change for the better. On the contrary, things started changingwhen my dad started coming home drunk and beating my mom overnothing. The beatings went too far that my mother filed for adivorce, and the entire process was so muddy and traumatizing for me.My siblings were too young to understand what was happening, but Iwas realty suffering from emotional breakdown.

My mother won the custody of her children and we moved away to livein a trailer. Life was so different and every night I cried myself tosleep. My younger brothers would ask me every day if our dad wouldcome home and bring them candy. Telling them no was the hardest part.Following the divorce, I developed stress that advanced to depressionin a few weeks. The problem affected my academic performance andability to develop helpful social skills. I could understand why myparents were so selfish and mindless of their kids’ welfare beforemaking such major decisions in life. It took lots guidance andcounseling to get me back to truck and I managed to focus on myeducation. The divorce experience did change my life a great dealthat even today I still get nightmares over the problems that we hadto endure following the divorce.