Lesson Plan Concept for Stones

LessonPlan Concept for Stones


Lessonplan concept for stones

Lesson planconcept: Basic elements. The learners will be familiarized to theelements of stones. The class will observe different forms of stonesin different places as well as watch a film on stones. In addition,the class will use words to describe the physical, textural, andvisual qualities of different types of stones specimen. Uponobservation of the stones, the class will

  • Use contrast and compare skills to sort and classify stones specimen according to their assessment of the qualities present in each

  • Use simple signs to construct a Venn illustration for classification

  • Distinguish different forms of stones

The students willthen answer the following questions

  • What are the most common qualities of stones?

  • What are the major classification of stones?

  • What are the different forms of stones?

As a finalproject, all students will undertake an evaluation on a major stonewith diagrams and its formation process

Content areas andstandards

  • Elements of visual arts

  • Standard 2: Understanding formal analysis and elements of visual arts. Students will apply their knowledge of formal analysis to construct different elements of visual art such as shape, color, line, and texture.

  • LE. 2.1.1 Compare and contrast different qualities of visual arts

  • LEA. 2.2.1 Identify how artists use different elements and designs


  • Visual

  • Kinesthetic

  • Linguistic