Lesson 06 Oring, Folk Groups and Folklore Genres

Folklore is used as an adaptive device in childhood as a means oflinking the past with the present and also connecting the existingsocial groups in a way that strengthens the culture of the people.The children are able to learn constructive lessons in life whichenables them to face the daily dangers and anxieties as they shapetheir lives based on their positive cultures and in relation to theiroccupations. It is hard sometimes substantiating the developmentalstages of a child

There are various themes of children`s folklore that separate itfrom other age groups and make them distinct. Socializationcharacterizes the transformational stages and ensures there is socialequality among the children based on their verbal techniques. Thesegroups normally illustrate the transition from childhood to adulthoodand later as the child become useful in life by being inventiveenough to come up with ideas. There is a distinctive connectionbetween folklore and these groups that is helpful to the children.

The importance of storytelling in a workplace, according to RobertMcCarl enhances intensive bonding among the employees and influencinggood relationships between them. In addition, there is usually valueformation which enhances the quality of work. The various socialunits also become influenced with intimacy and continuity of workthrough positive interactions and developing a sense of togetherness.Therefore, storytelling at the work place leads to the efficiency ofoutput with the assurance of more profits and the workers maintainingthe work value.

Lesson 07: The common American folklore genres: Speech,Narratives, and Songs

The sources and functions of African-American blues are diverse andthey are therefore grouped as traditional. As an African generatedsong, the blues are a mixture of many other types of songs fromdifferent genres. The mixture makes them serve as a social protestand also create an emotional outlet that influences the feelings ofthe people more specifically the African Americans. The blues arecommonly connected with communal values and also various significantevents that are occasionally carried out.

The difference between a legend and a folktale is wide and variesgreatly. Legends normally focus on a single episode that issubstantiated differently. The legends are usually categorized aseither modern or historical depending on the occasion. On the otherhand, folktales are always linked and adopted as fantasies orfictions. In relation to their presentation, legends might beregarded as stories with categories of plots that have differentillustrations of the message. As for folktales, individual actionsmatter a lot.

The Appalachians wanted to preserve ballads in Madison County. Theballads were more of narration songs and the fact that theyparticipated in telling stories meant that they should preserve themon their culture and adopt them in a formal way. The ballads wereknown countrywide hence they had to ensure continuity through theircultures. Ballads were also incorporated into the blues whichincreased the chances of the people liking the songs through theexpression of feelings and lots of ideas.

Lesson 8: What are the most common folklore genres? The RelatedCustoms, Objects, Beliefs

Folklorists have argued that thanksgiving has manifest and latentfunction in the community. The process is related to the variousharvest festivals more specifically to appreciate nature’spresents. As a social function, family and friends would gather andcelebrate depending on the occasion. In most cases, meals areprepared and a thanksgiving holiday is normally centered on cookingwith a display of a variety of foods and drinks for celebration. Thefunctions are normally concealed, only taught to children as theygrow.

In the men who dance the Giglio, the festival is normally consideredimportant to the community as a custom accompanied by differentbeliefs. The Giglio is part of other customs, objects and beliefsthat are carried out on special occasions as a symbol of the adversesocial relations and also serves to symbolize different positivevalues in the entire community as taught by the elders. One of thefestivals where the Giglio is a custom is the Feast of St. Paulinus.

In my opinion, the Super Bowl is not an American holiday becausemajority of the American beliefs, customs and holidays have beenhistorically developed from different occasions and experiences thattook place long time ago. Over time, these ideas have been integratedinto the American cultures and taken over as their own. Most likely,they participated in these activities and happened to have fun hencethey liked the activities and absorbed them as their own and thislead to the takeover.

The Forum

Personally, I have participated in a variety of customs and holidayswhich have always been influential to the community and morespecifically the ways that the holidays and customs engaged in thesocial relations and also represented symbolic values all of whichwere significant in the growth and development of the community in apositive way.

The act of thanksgiving has evolved and currently can be explainedwith both traditional and modern meanings. I participated in thethanksgiving custom as a harvest festival which was meant to givethanks for all the good things that nature had granted humanity inour community. The festival was so intensive and a communityinitiative that involved partying. Basically this was all aboutcooking a lot of food and enjoying drinks with the natives and it wasall an act of communal celebration. Normally, it is structured as anon-religious festival just involving the sharing of food and havingfun.

The festival of thanksgiving has been continuous as an annualoccasion and turned out to be influential to the people throughencouraging different forms social interactions. Consequently, thefestival has helped a lot in maintaining the different cultures ofthe people through the holidays and customs. It is a symbol of hopeand national unity because the festival is carried out by close toall the states in America. The main social role is usually to mediatethe social relations through the representation of communal,heritage, and personal connections that will consistently nurture ourculture.

The thanksgiving festival is quite important as it involves thecommunal sharing of meals with the homeless, the needy and many otherdisadvantaged members of the society. This serves a way of improvingthe world and making it a better place.