TheCase of Angry Religious Leaders

Theproblem in this case is a conflict of interest. Religious leaders areopposed to the recognition of gay marriages as it is contrary totheir beliefs. On the other hand, the retail shop owner is in a toughsituation, since his business may have a problem if the threat iscarried out. His dilemma is to know what to do without making any ofhis clients angry. The religious leaders have enough influence tocall for the boycott as they have agreed. The gay people may beimportant part of the clients of the business and the envisagedbenefits are just for promotional purposes only.

Thesituation is a problem, because a part of the society is opposed tothe idea of recognizing gay marriages in the society. After manyyears of living in the shadows, gay people are coming out in the openand declaring their status. This has been met with serious oppositionin some areas. However, there is a degree of tolerance andacceptance, although some people still take a hardline stance againstgay marriages. Religious people are mainly the ones who are opposedto the idea of same sex marriages, as they argue it is not in linewith their teachings.

Theproblem is quite sensitive and can affect how people relate. In therecent past, some religious organizations have been rocked withdivisions because of sex marriages. Some possible solutions to thematter include the following.

  • Holding discussions and letting those opposed to the unions accept that gay people are human and should live like anybody else.

  • Pass laws that will prohibit discrimination of gay people.

  • Sensitize the public about the matter, so that they can accommodate gay people.

  • Encourage more gay people to come out in the open instead of hiding from the rest of the public.

Althougha variety of options to solve the matter can be employed, the mostappropriate in my opinion is to make members of the public sensitiveabout gay marriages. Many people are opposed to it, because it is newto them, and they do not know how to react to it. When people arewell informed, they will understand and deal with gay people in theright manner. Unless this form of action is taken, it can quicklygenerate into a serious social problems. It can lead todiscrimination, which is a violation of human rights. Gay peopledeserve to be treated like other people. The authorities should takethe initiative and arrange for ways to sensitize people about thematter. Significant levels of acceptance of same sex unions have beenreported in various places. This increase is caused by the awarenessthat the people now have.

Inconclusion, informing the people is the only solution that will helpavoid social conflicts. Many people have never heard of gay marriagesbefore. It is a new idea that seems strange to them. Those whobelieve in the continuity of mankind through marriages should beinformed about the nature of gay people. Their inclinations aredifferent from others and therefore their behaviors cannot be thesame. With the right kind of information, the people will accept gaypeople as part of the society. They will also make the rightdecisions that will eliminate chances of conflict between variousgroups in the society.

CASENO. 2 The case of Amber Heard


Theissue at stake here is lack of accountability. Amber was desperatelylooking for work, but when she got it, she start abandoning herresponsibilities at work, thereby leaving his colleagues with doublework, their duties as well as Amber’s duties. This is lack ofaccountability from Amber.


Ms.Lupe ought to sermon Amber, and request her not to abandon herduties. Failure to comply with that or going against company’srules and regulations, she will be fired.


Mr.Ford acted in good faith to assist his friend’s daughter to securea job. Since the office needed an increase in human output, Mr. Fordwas right to refer Amber to the accounting department.


Insuch situation, I would have sermon Amber, and ask her to adhere tothe company’s rules and regulation, and not to repeat suchbehaviors’ again. Failure to comply with my request, I could not beleft with other option but to fire Amber.

SectionB: Essay Questions:


Whena business is incubating from small to medium and finally to largescale, there are distinct challenges, which demand differentsolutions. One of biggest challenges is planning a head. It is worthnoting that past plan that made sense in specific years ago, mightnot work in the future, especially for a growing business. Marketconditions continue to change rapidly, and therefore, I have torevise as well as keep the business plan updated regularly. This willenable the business to remain vibrant and very competitive.


Jobanalysis is very vital in any given business. It assist to indentifyand establish in details a given job requirements and duties. Thesignificances of a given job duties are as well outlined. In overall,the data collected on a given job will eventually assist to makedecisions on human resource. If a company fails to regularly conducta job analysis, its output will definitely be negatively affected.Some employees will be performing unnecessary duties, someoverworking while some sitting idle.