Learning Narrative




Overthe past semesters that I have attended colleges and had varied learning experiences in the different classroom. Each class I have tosay it has its own unique experiences, and sometimes difficult togauge which one was better or worse than the others. However, for thesake of this assignment, I have two learning experiences that havestood out in college. The first experience includes a learningexperience from one of my business course classes. The class wasinteractive and I enjoyed because I felt I was learning a lot fromit. The second learning experience included an ethics class that wewere supposed to take before joining the college of business. Theclass taught me about business practice in the workplace and whatkind of situations employee find themselves in. In this essay, I willidentify and describe two learning moments, their origin and how theyhave so far impacted my life outside the four walls of the classroomas well as they relate to the management class.

Asa business student, thus I am always eager to learn the subject. Thismeans I have to prepare for the following days class by making allthe necessary readings which are required as per the syllabus. Butone of my management classes was an interesting experience alltogether. Though there were some readings required before class, theclass instructor had his own way of doing things and this is whatmade the class more interesting. We would come to class prepared toanswer questions and defend our answers in class. What I liked themost about our business instructor was that there was no wrong answerand every answer was correct provided one would defend their opinionor answer.

Mymost memorable moment for the business class was during one of ourclass activities. The instructor as I had earlier cited had adifferent way of doing things. We had already been divided intogroups but our instructor had not mentioned about the class activityearlier. Therefore, the class activity was an impromptu activity andnobody in class had prepared for it. The class activity involvedcoming up with a robot by using Legos. The trick in the activity wasthat we were only given a set of Legos which were numbered and thebest part of the story was that the robot was upside down. Our taskwas to come up with the robot from a given set of Legos and earn somepoints for our respective group. The class activity was a learningexperience for me because I taught several things. First, I learntthat one needs to be always prepared for any kind of project at work.It is not what kind of skills one has at work but how one can utilizethe resources around them to find answers. This was the main ideabehind the class activity. The activity wished to test on thecommunication and group work among the different groups in the class(Griffin,2012).The group that was finished the activity first were awardedhandsomely while those that lagged behind were sparingly rewarded.The class activity was very relevant in my course work as a businessstudent. It reinforced the idea of developing communications skillsas well as having good rapport with the group members. I believe thatthe learning activity will for a longtime be etched on my mindbecause of the values and lessons I learnt from the class. Inaddition, the class was interactive and the instructor alwaysencouraged us to be good business students by understanding what wedo. I believe this is what I will treasure the most from the learningexperience.

Mysecond learning experience involved a class that was not in theschool of business, but had a significant relevance to businesspractices. This was an ethics class which was equally matched by aninteresting instructor who was a lecturer in philosophy. The classwas equally interactive and very social so to speak. The class was apre-requisite for most students in campus and the class was thereforemade up students from other disciplines apart from business. Thiscombination made the class more interesting because every member hada unique way of looking at things, and their discipline played a hugerole on their chain of thought. My most memorable experience in thisclass came when we were assigned a case study involving EnronCompany. This was a company which had been implicated in corruptioncharges and brought about some changes on regulations as far as thecorporate world in concerned. The activity came towards the end ofthe class in the semester and we were supposed to apply what hadlearnt in the ethics class to come up with proposals on how thesituation could have been handled now that we had some experiencewith ethical issues in business.

Theactivity case on Enron was an interesting and eye opening learningexperience to me because I learnt how employees can be susceptible tocorruption and other forms of illegal activities in the work place.The in class discussions and case study brought up differentperspectives on how employees can be manipulated to do illegal thingsfor their companies. For me the situation rang a bell because I amstrongly considering working in the financial market and the desireto earn make money may lead one to make some poor decisions in lifeor more so in a business environment. The fact that the class hadpeople from different disciplines enhanced the class learningexperience. This is because their participation introduced differentperspective and dimensions that a business person could not have comeup with. The case study was a memorable learning experience because Ilearnt that an individual is always liable and that nobody can evermake an excuse for their poor judgment. This was particularly whathappened in the case as the directors of the company who werepointing fingers instead of owning to their own mistakes. Theexperience was also very helpful to me because it can be easilyrelated to issues which come up in management practices. The activityreinforced the notion that when one is not sure about something it isalways good to ask. It is better to ask as well as make the correctdecision or judgment rather than act in the moment and learn from acostly mistake. The class taught me that I have a responsibility tolearn about the ethic practices in different business environments.It is also my right to ask for directions when not sure about a givenpractice.


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