Thesuccess of a company can be illustrated in various ways such as theability to maintain high levels of revenues, returns to investors,high rate of innovation, overcoming recessions in the economy, thegeographical coverage and its impact on the society among many more.The General Electric Company can be a great example of a successfulenterprise. As an indicator of financial success, the company hasmaintained its share price earnings ratio at 10%. Form the year 2012-2014. Based on the above I conclude as follows.Q1. KPMG has been recognized as successful in terms of global reach andthe use of holistic approaches. As a result, the company ranked asthe second best outsourcing advisors in the world in 2011. TheCompany`s success in providing favorable working conditions formothers was ranked among the top 100 best companies for workingmothers over a 15 years period (Bridwell 2012, 54).&nbspQ2

SinceI left school, I have managed my free time by writing professionaldocuments. As an achievement, I have learnt how to express ideas andusing the various modes of academic referencing such as Harvard,Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association(APA) and Chicago referencing styles.


Bridwell,N 2012,&nbspCliffordshares,boardbook.{3049DAFA-F29C-43E6-8FDB-D94FE122171F}&ampFormat=410.